Beneficent Beholder

Tune: Harewood

('Christ is the corner stone')

Psalm 33 v.13-22


The LORD from heaven looks

He has us not forsook

He beholds all mankind

All their places does find

None can from Him hide, He does see

From His heaven high and lofty


He fashions their heart all

That men may on Him call

They not saved by strength much

But saved by Him, it such

His eye is on them that Him  fear

They trust in Him, to Him draw near


And those that His mercy

Hope in, He keeps them free

Saves them from death, amine

So fresh praises begin

To Him, our soul does for Him wait

He is our help and shield, not late


Our heart in Him it shall

Rejoice, and praise Him well

Because He faithful be

We have trusted Him, see

Your mercy LORD be on us true

According as we hope in you


  • Michael Edwards

    So who is Ben E Ficient?
    Related to Inn E Ficient?

    • orchidee

      Well, Mal E Ficient is more related to Inn E Ficient than Ben is.


      Happy Tuesday UNCLE STEVE ! Great Folksy Hymn to kickstart the Day ! I was singing along with one hand on my left ear ! Love PSALM 33 in the AV !

      V 17. An Horse is a vain thing for saftey !
      Neither shall he deliver any by his great strength !

      Men put their trust in Horses (especially in the Betting Shop) and in IRON HORSES (TANKS) in modern warfare ~ instead of trusting in the LORD !

      Bl essings & JOY to You & Faithful Fido
      Spirit Love Angela Brian & Il Gatto Fumoso !!!

      • orchidee

        Thanks A&B. Aww, I was just getting me horse out of the stable for a ride! lol.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good one Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold.

        • Robert Haigh

          Another fine write, orchidee!

          • orchidee

            Thanks Robert.

          • FredPeyer

            Orchi, your continued output of these well written hymn-poems is incredible. How many did you write so far? Love to read them.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Fred. They're on here - the ones so far!

            • Jerry Reynolds

              Nice Read. Happy Holidays.

              • orchidee

                Thanks Jerry.

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