Michael Edwards

LIMERICKS 70 and 71



There was an old man from Bahrain

Who grew radishes down the drain

Hot they were not

And they started to rot

So his efforts had all been in vain.



In lock-down once more

and my bum's getting sore

here on the sofa

an idle bored loafer

with nowhere to go anymore.


  • Goldfinch60

    The second one is so very true in these Strange Times (though not so strange anymore).


    • Michael Edwards

      Thank goodness I've got plenty to keep occupied.

    • orchidee

      Good writes M. lol. You all dressed up with nowhere to go?
      I only spoil New Years Eve anyway. I turn up at parties with me water syphon - the Phantom Whisky-Waterer!

    • Suresh

      Loafer, is what my father would say,
      Seeing my expression of sheer dismay.

      Thanks for the laughs

      • Michael Edwards

        It used to be a popular term but don't here it often these days.

      • L. B. Mek

        'hot' radishes, might be the oddest thing I have heard recently, though I doubt the kinda 'pickling' found 'down the drain' is necessarily all that healthy either... lol
        as for 'sore bum cheeks', I window-peep all that concrete greenery my beloved city has to offer,
        and through all the stilled quietude of absent industry - I glimpse, I can't help but think: what a nice break for dear old mother nature 2020 has been...
        nice write Michael,

        • Michael Edwards

          Hot pickled radishes - there's got to be a cream for that.

        • dusk arising

          They told me "no longer go out"
          for exercise just jump and shout
          but theres something quite fishy
          about flailing limbs swishy
          i'm afraid ive become an old trout

          so at last we've got it for real
          that much promised brexit good deal
          we put an end to the babble
          we conquered the rabble
          with stiff upper lip sex appeal

          you think lockdown cushy?
          well my hairs got quite bushy
          the missus complains
          and plays video games
          while i playfully stroke the pussy

          As i've said before, I just can't help joining in when i see a good limerick. Yours are super today.

          Soddit i will post these today as my muse is on holiday at the moment..... thanks for the inspiration.

          • Michael Edwards

            Keep joining in - we need all the fun we can get . Cheers dusk

          • Jerry Reynolds

            This is a lot of fun. Stay Safer and Have a Happy New Year.

          • Neville

            my radishes are fine .. but I sure do empathise with that second one up there Michael ...............

            • Michael Edwards

              so pleased your radishes are okay - Cheers Neville.

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              Happy new year to you and yours Michael

            • Fay Slimm.

              That second verse of yours Michael sums up how we all feel so wishing the next year brings us more sight of the ending of idle loafing eh ? Love your line drawings my friend.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thank you Fay - may we all be blessed with better fortune in the coming year.

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