Garth Rakumakoe

Need I?

Need I remind you

to hug the clock daily,

and hold minutes and seconds dearly?


Need I remind you,

that you could have gone

to eternal slumber

after last night’s conversation?

that your still being here

is not your doing?

is not by might, nor is it

by virtue of own intellect?


Need I remind you, just how much

you’re not in control?

Need I?


Pause for the black Mariah –


Dethrone your hat

when you witness her slow elegance

hug the neighborhood corner

Lower your countenance

of callousness and certainty

Set aside your foolish pride

and show her some respect


Never be self-assured, in her presence

She hates that, for she has eyes

and just as she passes by, remember

she knows the remnants

of your final day, and she knows

the way, of your last ride


She knew you, and heard your name

when you shattered her eardrums

with your first cry, rudely waking her

from across the sleeping ethers of time,

announcing your arrival

She knew from then on, she will carry you

to the afterlife, when the hour -

known to her only – has come


Need I remind you, layman?

No journey is more final, than hers

 – Pause -

for the black Mariah

  • Author: Garth Rakumakoe (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 12th, 2022 04:03
  • Comment from author about the poem: Where I come from, The Black Mariah refers to the vehicle that collects the deceased, when they have passed on.
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Time is so important and precious . An interesting well expressed writing ..

    • Garth Rakumakoe

      Thank you Yellowrose. Read much appreciated.

    • Paul Bell

      The black Mariah in Britain is slightly different. I recall being chased by the black Mariah, and they were always driven by the police. You never wanted to be caught by the black Mariah police.

      • Garth Rakumakoe

        Interesting, sir Paul. I never would've thought. Either way it is a vehicle whose visit one does not envisage. Thank you for sharing sir.

      • Fay Slimm.

        Such force in your words of reminders to "hug the clock" and further to be more aware of precious days passing. A fine write Garth and one to keep for poets like me to read over and over again.

        • Garth Rakumakoe

          The radiance of your words keeps the fire burning, dear Fay. I truly cherish your appreciation. Thank you so much.

        • Rozina

          Wow! You are right. Time is flying past so every moment is precious. Powerful message.

          • Garth Rakumakoe

            Indeed, it is, Rozina. We should be more appreciative.

          • Goldfinch60

            Each moment we live is most precious and we must savour every one of them.


            • Garth Rakumakoe

              Very true, Andy. I couldn't agree more sir.

            • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

              An interesting poem well written and i liked the first stanza and your word choice rhrou. Kudos!

              Plz do read and comment my newest poem too.

              Happy valentines day, poets.

            • Rocky Lagou

              Wow. This was written so elegantly. “It’s better to lose one minute of your life than your life in one minute" Time is often neglected and we don't cherish life as much as we ought to. After the passing of my mother I learned to appreciate every aspect of life more. Bravo to you Garth! 👍💖

              • Garth Rakumakoe

                Thank you Rocky. Sorry to hear about your mother. I must I agree with the of life sentiment. I am happy the write found a place with you. Much appreciated.

              • AuburnScribbler

                This poem is masterfully constructed Garth, the flow is very much like the journey going through the streets.

                I've always thought that the most precious commodity a human can possess, is time, not money, thus, your poem is a clear reminder for all of us; to treasure time more.

                Bravo, and I hope that all is well!

                • Garth Rakumakoe

                  Warm greetings AS. I am fortunate enough to say all is well, and in the same breath am so moved by your feedback. It is much appreciated. Life,
                  Light, Peace, and Blessings to you and yours!

                • SharonMoemise

                  Very well written, Garth. To be able to find enlightenment in a poem so sad, makes this a great read, penned with even greater skill. Well done, sir

                  • Garth Rakumakoe

                    Thank you, Sharon. Your kind words are much appreciated.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    so well written!
                    Empathy and wisdom
                    distilled, relatable
                    with such poetic integrity..

                  • Garth Rakumakoe

                    I am truly humbled L.B Many thanks, gifted one!🙏

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