Where Went Love ?

Fay Slimm.


Where Went Love ?


Where went that secret Spring of love ?


Those falling torrents of sudden 

laughter when Summer-dry scuffles left

sand in ham sandwiches and shy toes 

touched  toes with coupled intention, 


where twilight saw exciting dares,

like racing to be first in ocean cover

stripped for skinny-dip kissing 

and more made our Autumn such fun.  


Where went those vows never to part ?


We aimed to make love forever 

before cold Winter goodbyes started         

an unforeseeable chain of events

that broke belief in faithful hearts. 


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  • L. B. Mek

    'Where the excitement of friendly larks,
    racing to get first in the ocean
    when stripped to try skinny-dips, oh
    and those *sloppy wet kisses
    we shared while dusk fell to dark.'
    (ah, dear Fay
    your brushstroke wording, paint such vivid scenes)
    bitterness of melancholy, inked sincere sweet

  • spilleronsheet

    Intense we’re the emotions
    The love was so deep
    Deeper than an ocean
    And darker than the nights painting the night sky
    In those nights
    The lovers lost
    Departed though across
    “Where went love “ told a hypnotic tale with melancholy shades
    Very emotive write my dear friend

  • Neville

    ... this is more than just both sad & beautiful, it is beautifully sad too ... x

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ah - -- thanking you both for leaving the piece a review but for reviewing so kindly the "Where Went Love" piece.............x

    • orchidee

      A fine write Fay.
      Spring comes round again, but I dread the skinny dipping bit. It makes me swoon! lol.
      Don't be such a snowflake, says Fido. heehee.

    • Christina8

      I really like this poem, Fay! It delights and does not disappoint in remembrances of days gone past.

    • Dove

      Lol what a visual, skinny dipping and then running ... Oh love is just as fleeting!
      Beautiful to read!

    • Rocky Lagou

      You worded this to a T. Such a strong emotion expressed so beautifully. Bravo! 💖

    • Michael Edwards

      Beautiful words.

    • Rozina

      I love reading these lovely words of yours. Thank you.

    • Goldfinch60

      Very emotive words Fay, so sad that all that love was lost.


    • Jane Clemons

      Spring love, passionate love, love nearing the end resulting in lost love. Brilliant ! With your words, you were able to make my heart sad...in a good way. Thank you

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