The glimmer


It was dark 

it was fading 

the faint line that kept missing 


on a canvas 

Vast as sky 

while the colours dried 

Why suddenly the palette seemed empty by that time ?


no colours to paint 

no emotions to show 

no glitter to shimmer 

no hopes to wean 


The courage 

like ebbing of waves 

suddenly dropping low 

who should tell, to hold moon ?



in those thoughts 

in those memories 

who knew ?

there could be glimmer 

an up thrust from somewhere 

Binge of cheer 

someone gave hope 

One who earlier laughed and teased 

Could give a hand to support 




in the garden of blood 

water seemed thicker 

those who seemed nothing 

appeared one day 

to tell you to chase dreams 




“ indeed

stars may align

trust in process 

each moment is different “


awaiting for the miracle to strike 

that’s called patience in life….

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  • L. B. Mek

    'an up thrust from somewhere
    Binge of cheer
    someone gave hope
    One who earlier laughed and teased
    Could give a hand to support

    in the garden of blood
    water seemed thicker'..
    Poetry's eloquent, wording of steadfast Hope..
    thanks for sharing, dear Poet
    ('glimmer' indeed, let's throw our nets wide
    and fish
    our future's, horizon skies
    for what gifts we can glean
    of life
    ask, not
    if we be worthy, or ready
    strive, reach, grapple and fight
    for our opportunities
    to that survival and triumph, in life!)

    • spilleronsheet

      In your words I find hope
      In your words I find direction
      Thank you so much dear Mek
      The road not taken often, I dare to tread upon
      Thanks to support of all at MPS

    • dusk arising

      I think it would be wise to say that patience is slowly gained after the experience of awaiting many disappointments in life. Hope should never be orphaned in light of this though.

      Nice to read poetry which provokes my dusty old mind into thought.

      • spilleronsheet

        Indeed disappointments today
        Are lessons tomorrow
        Teaching the essence of being patient
        So rightly you expressed dear Dusk
        And I will cherish the lines you mentioned
        Cause even the tint of hope inside, I shall not let it die

      • Vamsi Sudha

        That was a beautiful one and you spilled positivity today in a grandeur way...Thanks Dear Spiller !! Spread your wings wide , the world is inviting You .....

        PATIENCE need us to be PATIENT !!
        MIRACLE...jumbled is RECLAIM !! And its time you reclaim your good days back !!

        • spilleronsheet

          That’s so wonderful and innovative dear Vamsi
          I borrowed your positivity and met people close by
          And one of my professors who guided me quiet strictly
          Showered loads of blessings and steered directions to me
          I am so grateful to universe for making me the most best people

          • Vamsi Sudha

            That's it !! Now there is no looking back. Very Happy for You 🙂 All the very best Dear Spiller,

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          • Rocky Lagou

            I could literally cry from how damn beautiful this is.

            "in the garden of blood
            water seemed thicker"

            Is a line that stood out to me as special, not only is it crafted so finely,
            it possesses a slap of Meaning. It revolves around the absence of hope,
            and the engulfment of despair. I feel it also alludes to the Creation of mankind,
            and the first sin. Which is so apt for the message of the poem.

            The last line also really serves as a line for the People.
            It embraces patience, and "patience is a virtue."

            This poem is hopeful. You are special Spiller!

            • spilleronsheet

              Oblivious was I
              Ignored by many
              But your thoughtful deciphering and kind words did gave me the courage to shine
              Thank you so much dear Rocky for looking at my poetry with such fineness
              It makes the poetry special
              And yes, patience is a virtue
              And often blood seems more strangers

              • Rocky Lagou

                You and your works are treasured! 💖

              • Rozina

                This is so very true. Someone who seemed so critical of my work kept pushing me to make changes, think outside the box, do better. And I am eternally grateful now. Brilliant lines.

                • spilleronsheet

                  Indeed dear Rozina
                  Experience the words and you shall resonate more
                  So greatly you expressed and i am sure you get my feels….

                • Goldfinch60

                  That patience will be with us all one day spilleronsheet.


                  • spilleronsheet

                    Thanks dear Andy
                    Trying my best to keep up the hope

                  • Little Lotus

                    This truly spoke to me: a glimmer of hope when all else seems meaningless. Truly beautiful choice of words my friend.

                    • spilleronsheet

                      Yes, my dear Friend
                      Thanks for stopping by
                      And I am glad I could connect with you on these lines
                      Hope like a glimmer when all seems hopeless

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