Echo’s Just Don’t Lie

Echo’s Just Don’t Lie


The big house empty

now echoes

like a foundry with

its molten

pools of golden light


individually discarded


each now falling, 

but slowly upwards

in cascades ..

And yet despite the


of any lilies 

in the garden and us


on the cusp of yet

another summer ..

This is how

love feels when on the


of its being broken ..

Yes love

do come listen to these

echoes calling ..

they have

a secret for you darling ..

  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 17th, 2022 03:31
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • orchidee

    Good write N.

    • Neville

      Easter Sunday Cheers to thee Mr. O

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      I like the way you have expressed yourself in this . Love can be so beautiful but so sad when fading and disappearing .

      A lovely writing )

      • Neville

        thank you Violet bluebell .. and a happy Easter Sunday to you & yours my friend .... Neville

      • Teddy.15

        A hollow love and a senseless echo of emptiness, with a twist of a whisper at the end. I imagine what that Whisper would be because much like me dear Neville, you did in fact survive love. 💖

        • Neville

          thank you Teddy, your kind words resonate deep within 💖

        • Michael Edwards

          Echos don't lie - they just repeat themselves but that's not always a bad thing where true love is concerned.

          • Neville

            absolutely bloomin write .. cheers Michael .............. N

          • Paul Bell

            You set the scene here.
            The empty house tells a story, the flowers that once grew now withered and dead, followed by the memories as the door closes.

            • Neville

              thank you Paul, that'll do nicely sir ................................ N

            • dusk arising

              The house of love is a haunted place with ghosts sudden shrieks causing us to shudder when entered alone but for the memories.

              A haunting piece indeed.

              • Neville

                ta DA n truly sir ......... N

              • Rozina

                Love this. I can see the house and hear your footsteps as you walk through the empty rooms and hear the sad echoes sighing.......

                • Neville

                  then that's just perfect Roz .. thank you my friend ... N 🙂

                • Goldfinch60

                  Those echoes can resound in your mind for eternity Neville.


                  • Neville

                    they can that Andy ... & who knows, maybe even beyond ... N

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    Yooooooooo. Yoooooo. These metaphors, "like a foundry," "pools of golden light." I literally adore this poem. It's truly a bittersweet sense I get, like a move that hurts, but it's a change for the better. Great job dear poet!

                    • Neville

                      and you Rocky are far too generous for words .. but do ya hear me complaining .. nah of course not my friend ... thank you so much for reading into me .... Neville

                    • Dove

                      Echoes , yes the echoes breeze through the air, let their whispers speak truth...

                      Beautiful always... Depth and heartfelt emotions

                      • Neville

                        thanks Dove me luv .................. tis mighty good to see you here .. I so hope you are well .. Neville

                        • Dove

                          Indeed I am, best to you

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