blue orchid

Dusk arising

I am blocked so this is the only way to get through,

I love your work, and want to apologize to you,

I'm sorry that we can't agree,

On somethings, and judging you was wrong of me,

You believe what you do, because of a heartbreaking reason,

There was a time when you had faith in God,in another season,

Your heart was shattered into a million pieces and you fell to your knee, I understand dusk how you felt, I'm asking if you will forgive me

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  • Published: April 22nd, 2022 11:41
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    We all make mistakes sometimes .. even sometimes judge .nice if you to apologise to him . I made a bit of a negative comment on someone’s poem the other day , they seemed think I was analysing them but then they said I was judging them , and that I should look at myself .. I then actually blocked them ( not because I’m a rude person ) but because of the way I felt .. later unblocked them . Nobody’s perfect are they . Take care

    • blue orchid

      That's the same thing that happened with dusk, I just honestly care about everyone and want what's best for them, even if they have a different outlook on things, it's not my place

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      Exactly ! I think even online we can make mistakes and .. or even come across in the wrong way , or have our comments taken personally . I understand . Nobody’s perfect .

    • Rocky Lagou

      I honestly didn't even know you could block poets on MPS. Hope whatever it is you said wasn't too severe though. All poets on this site are honestly marvels to behold, and dear Dusk is one that has inspired me. At the very least you made an attempt to reach out. Just hope all this tension will be stitched and sown, then woven into the fabrics of the past.

      • blue orchid

        We disagree in matters of faith and belief, he is a great poet and a great person, I hope he recognizes my sincerity,

      • Michael Edwards

        I admire this poem and the honesty in which it is couched. One of the greatest assets that we can aspire to is that of humility and respect. I try my best to behave this way but sometimes fall short. I am a humanist but try not to berate or look down on those with other views even though I sometimes might find them bizzarre or incomprehensible. There is a place on this planet for us all.

        • blue orchid

          I absolutely agree, thank you so much

        • voices of ghosts

          I have no clue about how you could have offended anyone, but I'm a new writer on this site, to me you have been a very good person & for that I am thankful.
          I hope this sincere apology brings about a positive resolution.

        • Goldfinch60

          I do not know if d a will be able to see your poem if he has blocked you. as you know I too cannot agree with your religious side although I used to believe,
          Dusk and I have been friends on this site for a very long time and our beliefs are now very much the same. I will tell him about your poem and see if he will unblock you.


          • blue orchid

            Ok Andy, thank you, and I do understand where you're coming from, and totally respect both of your decisions,

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