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Notice of absence from Rocky Lagou
Dear MPS,
I will be inactive during Summer
And I will most likely return around mid to late August.
It's truly been such a pleasure to read poems from such talented and phenomenal poets like you all.
Likewise, to receive such kindhearted and genuine compliments and comments on my own.
Just keep in mind that this isn't "goodbye," and I can't wait to see what marvels you have all created when I return.

Much love and poetic hugs,
Rocky Lagou.

Let me not bleed – like a sacrifice.

Or a Cross around a sinful neck.

Allow me to thrive in this meadow,

As any petal would.


Weathered like a stone –

On a precious evening, wanting to be alone.

Collapse the King’s throne, like smelting gold.

Treat me like a Buddha, big, bold, and bright.


Or else let me enlighten you like a Quran.

I’ll mark myself with ten Tilaks, so all the rest know.

That I didn’t come here to be victimized.

For the eye beholds truth – while the tongue spits lies.

  • Author: Rocky Lagou (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2022 10:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: So I was indecisive on what to post today, but I stuck with this one. This one is a message to the people who feel belittled in life, whether by friends, family, colleagues, etc... It's a calling to embrace yourself and to not allow other's to downgrade your worth. I also played with religion here to give that sense of worthiness throughout the piece. Hope you enjoy! (The title btw was an actual street I used to go by in my old neighborhood)
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  • blue orchid

    Nice job, once again, dear talented Rocky, and showing that regardless of your beliefs,you are just as valuable and important as everyone else,we were all made in God's image, regardless of our religion or lack of,

    • Rocky Lagou

      Hi Blue Orchid! Thanks a bunch for dropping and leaving such a kind comment! I incoporated religion to sort of build up that sense of importance within one's self. Because I know sadly in today's world there are a lot of people who feel downgraded or "not good enough." So I wanted to express that despite the critics, we can all learn to find our own inner strength. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      Very good poem .. love your mention of the petals and the meadow

      Nobody has the right to make us feel small and less than .. we all have the right to feel worthy and loved

      Nicely expressed words

      • Rocky Lagou

        Hi Violet, glad you enjoyed my naturalistic metaphors. I wanted to be inclusive with my images in this poem so I reached out to religion, nature, and the world around us. Your words are very true, nobody deserves to feel insignificant, it's simply wrong. So this poem speaks to the ones who feel that way as a message that with enough inner strength and will, one can learn to embrace their value. Thanks so much for the generous remarks, have a wonderful day! 💚

      • Michael Edwards

        This one really stands out - a beautiful write couched in wonderful language.

        • Rocky Lagou

          Hi Michael, thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I was revising this poem various times and couldn't settle on where to land, however I'm glad to see you enjoyed the outcome. "For the eye beholds truth – while the tongue spits lies," is supposed to be that ultimate line that delivers the speaker from belittlement and calls out the person who is doing the victimizing. It means that what the eye is receiving (be it courage, boldness, or self-worth from another) is quickly torn down from an attacker and payed back with lies (or criticism.) Have a great day!

        • dusk arising

          A great celebration of strength of our innate spiritual awareness that we, each individual, are a part of the nature of things with as much right to be here as the stars and the trees. Each having the right to be as individual as we are and find our own spiritual path rather than be disappointed and abused by the narrowmindedness of the hypocritical established traditions.
          Uplifting and encouraging.

          • Rocky Lagou

            Spot on Dusk! A wonderful dissection of the poem, it's a piece that promotes self-worth. That despite what others might say or think, we have the power to overcome such hatred and push on. I really appreciate your keen reply, have a wonderful day!

          • Teddy.15

            First of all I adore your title because it surely makes the reader think positively even before they read. A truly profound message of hope among all, we all have the right to decide in what they believe. So beautifully done dear Rocky. 💖

            • Rocky Lagou

              Hi Teddy! Thanks so much for mentioning the title, it's nice to see you also grasped it's effect to set the reader into a certain state of mind for the rest of the piece. I wanted the overall theme to be upliftment so the title only seemed apt. I really appreciate your words, it means a lot and it's always nice to hear what you think. Have a lovely day!

            • Vamsi Sudha

              Freedom of though, well expressed..
              The last line the hallmark of your poem..
              For the eye beholds truth – while the tongue spits lies.
              Wonderful work and arouses lots of thoughts.....Thanks Rocky..

              • Rocky Lagou

                All the thanks goes to you dear Vamsi! I'm so happy you felt the message. Despite what the world will say of you or what others will criticize about your character, you should know that just from embracing yourself and not allowing others to bring you down already says a lot about how actually internally fortified you are. I wanted to express that via metaphor and I'm glad it piqued your interest. Have a great day Vamsi!

              • Saxon Crow

                A really first rate poem here. And a genuine favourite I shall read again.

                • Rocky Lagou

                  Thanks kindly Saxon! I'm truly delighted to see you connected with my words and considered it a "fave." Your visits are much appreciated. Here I wanted to play with religion a little to get across the idea of worth, more specifically self-worth. It's all in us, we just have to own up to it. Thanks again, have a wonderful day!

                • Chesterfield

                  I really like the last 4 lines.

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    Thanks a bunch! I wanted the final lines to be the highlight of the poem, so I made sure to refine it various times before publishing this piece. That final line speaks to the quote, "see it to believe it," which hints at the fact that what is seen is, in a sense, true or undisputably a fact. Yet, when we see things, us as humans, tend to distort the nature of it, hence the "lies" being "spat" out of mouths. It's quite profound and I wanted to work around that idea, so to see you enjoyed it means a lot. Have a great day!

                  • orchidee

                    Good write Rocky.

                    • Rocky Lagou

                      Thanks Orchi! It's always nice to see you drop by and leave caring comments. Have a lovely day!

                    • Rozina

                      Resonating loud and clear. Powerful lines to remind us that everyone of us is worthy. We are all tiny cogs together.

                      • Rocky Lagou

                        Yes, indeed Rozina! Thanks a bunch for the kindhearted remarks. Each and everyone of us is valuable in our own right. Whether we see it or not because of manipulation from others, we're all born to shine. I'm truly glad to see you could resonate with my words, it's always my goal with poetry. Have an amazing day dear poet!

                      • Accidental Poet

                        A Masterful write Rocky. A complete Gem, but the two lines that really pulled on me most were the last two. Top Shelf Work Rocky. 😉

                        • Rocky Lagou

                          Oh thanks so much! You're too kind. I wrote this with a completely different intent going into this, and it wasn't going to be what it ended up to be. Yet after much revision, I'm so happy that I got to this end product. To see you felt it also means so much. We're all special, and bound for success. Have a wonderful day!

                          • Accidental Poet

                            That's happened to me too on various occasions when writing poetry. You think it's going in one direction, and then it goes in a different direction you didn't expect. I swear sometimes I feel as though I'm just a conduit for an unsung spirit of sorts. Who knows? You have a wonderful day as well. 😉

                          • spilleronsheet

                            Truly a gem crafted….so elusive are the thoughts but so easily delivered by you…the way you captured all in one and those last lines, thought provoking and so sharp….enough to boggle the minds….well penned dear Rocky

                            • Rocky Lagou

                              Hey Spiller! You're always so keen and on the mark with your reviews. All I can say truly is that I'm humbled by your abundant genrosity. This one here in particular speaks to the people who want to downgrade and belittle us, whether it be from our overt kindness, or simply because they think we're "vulnerable," none of us are deserving of such humiliation and we must seize the day by owning up to our worth and embracing ourselves. Thanks again for the love, it means so much to me. Have a beautiful day!

                              • spilleronsheet

                                And your reply made me even stronger dear Rocky…it’s always a pleasure to read your replies and review

                              • Goldfinch60

                                That last line is so very true in many ways Rocky. Good words.


                                • Rocky Lagou

                                  Hiya Andy! Thanks for the love! I wrote the last line with the intent to make the reader think and wonder. So to see it had that effect on you is rewarding. Your words mean so much to me, and they're always filled with care. Thanks a bunch, have a wonderful day!

                                • LMTobin

                                  The similes here are really good--the cross around the sinful neck is powerful to me (a Christian).
                                  I can't speak as strongly to the others but I do get the references
                                  Well done!

                                  • Rocky Lagou

                                    Hey! I'm so pleased to see you felt and grasped my metaphors, I wanted to create this idea of self-love around the concept of religion. At the end of the day, most religions tell us to love ourselves as we would any other. So to see you related and connected with my words means a lot. Thank you so much, have a great day!

                                  • tallisman

                                    Well done!

                                    • Rocky Lagou

                                      Hi, thanks so much kind reader and poet! I hope you felt my message, and felt encouraged. Have a wonderful day!

                                    • Neville

                                      .. a cerebral post .. enjoyed sir by me
                                      and very much so ..

                                      • Rocky Lagou

                                        Thanks kindly Neville! I hope I piqued your interest and made you think. Have a great day!

                                      • Paul Bell

                                        Belittlement must surely start in primary school, and definitely continues in senior school.
                                        Sadly, some people get a kick out of it, and you usually find they lack self-esteem too.

                                        • Rocky Lagou

                                          Exactly. Those who inflict the harm is because they themselves suffer from insecurity. Downgrading others is not acceptable and simply hateful. Thanks so much for journeying in this poem, it's much appreciated to see you took the time to read and leave a thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful day!

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