Do You Ever Look Back on Those Days

Do You Ever Look Back on Those Days


Do you remember

way back ..

When you asked me

what you

might wear, and I said

with a grin ..

Maybe something

quite loose

like a dress, perhaps ..

Ha .. even

back then, I just knew

I should have

said something else ..

Still, I must

now confess my friend ..

Every now

and again, I do wonder

if you knew

what I had on my mind

back then ..

Hey and don’t you forget,

before I forget

that is ..

Did you really put a drop of

my all-time

favourite, by Je-Riviens

here and there ..

Or may that have just been

your own idea

in the first place, perhaps ..

But do it again,

just for old times’ sake ..

And wow,

come  to think of it, how

did we ever,

manage to cram so much

into one day ..

Oh’ and likewise, do you


those coffee’s we shared

in that old

Toby Inn off the A309 ..

Back then

I imagine, we could have

just talked

the entire night away ..

For now tho’

do you ever recall that

quaint little

restaurant, the one before

the lights,

on Old Station Road ..

Well maybe

not quaint, but surely

more quirky..

The one, where I bought you

your lunch that day

and while on the subject

do you ever

think back to my black

Alfa Romeo

and those cute leather

seats it had ..

Well I guess you may never

now know

what games sprang to mind

at the time tho’

I thought you imagined

them too ..

But that was a long time ago

and you are

now well and truly, forgiven ..

For jumping

to hasty conclusions and

listening to

the gossip and rantings

of an old

jealous woman, who once

lived on a

mountain and is no longer

with us ..

But still I wonder, do you

ever look back

on those days, and smile inwards ..






  • orchidee

    Nope, I don't recall the A309, but I know a bit of the A310. You anywhere near it?! lol.
    I'm a jealous old woman... lol.

    • Neville

      I thought you was a guinea pig ............................................ 🙂

    • L. B. Mek

      'stream of consciousness'
      thank you, dear Poet supreme

      • Neville

        I am lost for words brother Mek .. this is one of those shall I, or shan't I scribbles .. N

        • L. B. Mek

          ain't they the best
          (well, when they work out...)

        • Fay Slimm.

          A dip into memory never read more attractive -- your pen conjures lessons aplenty such as "never listen to rantings of jealousy - -
          another peach of a read mon ami - -

          • Neville

            Bless you Fay ............................................... x

          • dusk arising

            Oh my, If I had listened to words of certain people I surely would not have such a colourful past to look back upon with a smile.
            So it should be, so it should continue. Though I think most folk are more liberally minded today than when i was a young corruptable thing.

            • Neville

              snap ...................................................... & I aint talking crocodiles neither DA 🙂

            • Rocky Lagou

              This is splendid Neville. I felt as if it were me reliving these "times of prime." It seemed like you were so ready to take the next step, but unfortunately the one you're addressing doesn't seem to feel the same. Wonderful anyways.

              • Neville

                cheers Rocky .......................... 🙂

              • Michael Edwards

                Supremo - yus I do look back lest I forget where I'm gong. Fine words Neville.

                • Neville

                  thank you most kindly Michael & truly too sir .. Neville

                • MendedFences27

                  "Do you ever look back," is somewhat rhetorical. We all look back and what we remember are those we met along the way. How we remember is altered by the experience. Whether, pleasant or grotesque.
                  Looking back can be a great source of poetry, especially if well done, like here in your poem. I doubt if anyone started reading and didn't get to the final line. A most interesting recollection. - Phil A.

                  • Neville

                    I am well n truly honoured Phil .. thank you sir ......................... Neville

                  • Accidental Poet

                    Can't help but wonder if a room was rented back then to create more memories. 😜

                    • Neville

                      wot on £4.50 per week .. nah .. not then AP .................... 🙂

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Those memories of passed loves can be so powerful Neville. Good words.


                      • Neville

                        Some of them can, certainly ... thank you Andy .. Neville

                      • a thousand wishes

                        I loved reading this! I truly felt the meaning of your words so thank you

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