Saxon Crow

Why Poirot Never Married

'Do I look fat in this?'

Oh God here we go

Does she want the truth this time 

Or a lie?

I never know

I have never been a betting man 

But each answer is a gamble

I must have zoned out on the wedding day

And missed this part of the preamble

And what are wobbly bits?!

She mentions them all the time 

And she never believes me when I sincerely tell her

'Baby you look just fine'

She tells me her woes and how low she has been

And when I offer her a helping hand

She tells me off and says to me 'Typical! You're such a man!'

'Well yeah' I think slightly confused

But I never say it out loud

For fear of the silence that ensues

And that ever available black cloud

You see us men aren't layered like all women are

We are rather simple folk

We see things so very straightforward

You just ask any bloke

And let's be honest 

The simple truth is 

We all need looking after

And every woman knows this 

And plays it to their advantage 

But we are powerless to resist

Disarmed by the beauty they behold

And secretly we are happy with it

Well I say secret because of course they know

So everyday is a minefield of mayhem

A rollercoaster of highs and lows 

A delve into the depths of love 

That ever unfathomable unknown

So it strikes me that some mysteries 

We just learn to leave well alone

And I can see why Poirot never married

Because women are one case you just can't solve. 









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  • Published: August 9th, 2022 14:49
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  • Raven333

    I liked it and I know us women ask alot of questions and yes you better tell us the right one... great work

    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks Raven. Just a bit of silliness from a very lucky man.

      • Raven333

        Your welcome and I think it's wonderful to hear you say that you are a very lucky man..

      • Doggerel Dave

        Definitely not to be taken too seriously, I'd say Sax. I'm sure you know the answers to all or most of the questions you pose here from a man's perspective.
        This hasn't prevented you from posting a very entertaining polemic.

        • Saxon Crow

          Definitely not to be taken seriously Dave haha

        • Accidental Poet

          Another reply could be, "you are who you are, and I love you for being who you are and whoever you wish to be." Great write Sax.

          • Saxon Crow

            No mate, wouldn't work lol

          • Goldfinch60

            I have a book at home called "How to understand women" it is filled with blank pages!


            • Saxon Crow

              I refuse to respond to that old man. You're on your own!

            • hotidris

              Sensational poem about why the fictional detective, Hercule Poirot, remained single.

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