If I Rule The World

First I would eliminate poverty,

Encourage the teaching of different culture and history.

Demand that countries be tolerant with diversity, in

freedom speech, and equal opportunity.


No child or children would be living in fear.

Parents would have the resources, to give their kids the best of care.

Schools, would serve free Organic Meals,

while States provide uniform for them to wear,

and the love of all children the world would have to adhere.


If I rule the world...

Racism, Prejudice and Hate would be a thing of the past.

Cigarette, Alcohol and Drugs would definitely be out-class.

Prison population would decline, as I deter crime,

Only Rapist, Corrupt Officials, Child abuser and Killers would do time


Eradicating AIDS

and all deadly disease would be on top of my agenda.

Weapon of mass destruction

and all war gadget, heads of Government would have to surrender.

Palestinian and Jews would live and share with each other,


I won’t tolerate any type of murder or people barrier.


I couldn’t stay a billionaire while people are suffering.

The poor would never pay tax or church offering.

Equality for every one regardless of colour, class or race,

Love, honesty and happiness the world would have to embrace.


That’s if I ruled the world.


  • lulu

    vey nice poem i really liked it especially about the war & about that no children will live in fear very nice one :P

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    This world needs people like you...
    good reading you
    give us some more

  • Love4all

    dido! :)

  • StormyDay

    It is an idealistic concept-very hopeful and good-but unrealistic. Mankind will never be perfect, but I encourage us all to try for it.

  • Paul Price

    Good topic,,, If only it could happen....

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