We Are Dreaming? (He said, She answered)

Cheeky Missy

Is it here in my heart, or before my eyes?
If I look inside will it end all my sighs?
For perhaps you’re there...within my every thought
So special and kind...the very love I sought.
So sweet and precious, so tender and true
Say I'm not dreaming when I look at you;
Tell me that dreams become reality
And that which we see....together we'll be....

Lovers who love, and promise never to part
Who cling to each other, with joy in their heart
And with feelings of passion, sweetned with care
Let now, our love flourish, beyond all compare

Soaring on golden wings, hope in our hearts,
Stars in our eyes, promise never to part;
Touching the threshold of love now we sing:
Tenderly playing our very hearts' strings.......

Making music so sweet it moves you and I
To capture our feelings so they don't pass by
But rather are kept and are held for all time
So come say my darling you'll always be mine

Forever yours, darling, now call me MINE
In your arms holding me, yours for all time:
As birds sweetly trilling their love songs, the breeze
Whispers our promises, holding love's keys......

And in its kind zephyrs I feel your sweet love
The bird that you speak of is surely a dove
Who brings forward his peace, to our love infuse
To now call you 'mine' I could hardly refuse

Come, come, sweet love, you did ask it of me....
I am yours only because you thus sing,
Warm zephyrs, dove's peace, love sweetly infuse,
Soft breezes, spring whispers, "Love whom you choose....."

Well I choose you, sweet love, you know that by now
And listen real closely as I make a vow
That you are my dearest, for you I do sing
So will you return it, will love you now bring?

Oh my dear darling! You make my heart sing!
Yours it is always, of its love you're king....
Draw me and hold me forever yours, love,
Nearest and dearest you now hold your dove.....

I'll hold this kind dove and I'll kiss it nightly
For it's in my heart and makes me smile brightly
So flutter my dove to the top of a tree
And build us a nest in which we'll always be

Let's fly together to the top of the tree,
You pick which one and build together with me?
I love your nightly kisses, your heart and bright smiles
Aflutter to always be yours, time beguiles.....

Those kisses to me love are worth more than gold
And in that soft nest I'll forever you hold
But do you now love me, you must tell me so
For my heart is heading to love you, you know

Love me now sweet love, for I would love you so
Make our dreams come true, it's in your hands you know
The breezes whisper our sweet promises true
The dove's eyes see none but her beloved.....you.....

My heart has a compass that now I have set
For you it is pointed I'm glad that we've met
But tell me your thoughts dear, please tell me right now
Do you feel a love grow that you will allow?

Love.....see it now sparkling your answer in my eyes,
We have met, take away my breath---you call me MINE:
Let it it now flourish, burning brightly true--
For now and forever, betwixt me and you!!!

  • Authors: Chic George (Pseudonym), dbremner
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: December 19th, 2010 18:45
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: Here it is....let's have fun with it and I hope it flies this time!
  • Category: Love
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