The lines that divide us

Are the ones that we create

They are not sustained

Unless you make them stand


As you can see

Only the acknowledgement

Gives that division

The power to exist


Don’t let hatred or fear

Be a part of thee;

This time will also pass

Just hold your hopes high


Even as one

You can change the world

As your world

Transforms around thee.


  • Cheeky Missy

    I agree, that you shouldn't let hatred or fear destroy the precious, and yet and all, there are lines drawn, without trying, by the differences in beliefs, like one another though we may, sadly.

    • Dolphine29

      Well as I say in this poem; there are only differences strong enough to divide us if we continue to put hatred and fear before us and don't use our hearts to see pass that, so the lines and divisions disappear and we can transform our world. That's what I hope.

      • Dolphine29

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      • StormyDay

        I love the message conveyed. It strikes a chord in all humanity, universally. Prejudice is the root of division (so is my belief), and if everyone were taught love and tolerance, Earth might be a more peaceful world.

        • Dolphine29

          Thank you so much! .. you just nailed it; that is exactly my intention in this poem.

        • dbremner

          Your well written poem reminded me of the quote 'Freedom is the expression of the creative in life. It is neither an inherent right nor a hard-won value. It is a law of being, lacking which there would be no evolution, no progress, no civilisation, only primal chaos set in permanence.'

          • Dolphine29

            Thank you so much for these comments; my intention is to send messages to all that I can... I hope to open consciousness in people, so we can stop those horrible back warded divisions and have a better future to evolve as intelligent and loving beings.
            I wish one day we could live in our own world without fear, hatred, and racism or just pure resent for passed things.
            I hope to live a better present and a happy future, together as one; maybe I'm just a dreamer, but as Lennon said "I'm not the only one".

          • BattleChrist

            I liked the strong sense of optimism conveyed through the last lines. We all desire worldly brotherhood but often hesitate to take the first step.It would have been easier to blur the lines and disparities if we could transform our psychology to have a holistic view of the world!

            Beautifully presented,honestly enjoyed reading it!

            • Dolphine29

              Thank you!, Well I want to believe that we are capable to see beyond hate; because there is so much beauty around us as well, we need to cherish that too.

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