In a child we see eagerness

Sometimes even happiness

Their own inner world

Is more o less untouched


On a teenager you see

Search and longing

Many times confusion

Anger so deep it scratches inside


As an adult two things can happen

Pretend to be alive and happy

Or just empty and alone

Which one you are?


Their eyes can’t lie

We can only hide our hearts

As time goes by

Don’t let your eyes go blind.


  • Cheeky Missy

    It is fascinating, for it reminds me of the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" or somesuch, which you have well expressed....and in light of that, can your concluding stanza really be true....i.e. can we really manage to hide our hearts? We hide our eyes to do so, seems to me. And I agree with your explanatory comment that if we forgive ourselves we will better see....instead of being blinded by our mistakes (and those of others?) I love the concluding two lines, is a serious warning....I hope we may all heed it.

    • Dolphine29

      Thank you so much. You really like and think on what I'm trying to say and I appreciate it very much, and mostly that is my idea of expression. To try to put my ideas of awaking of consciousness on a thinking level, well I want to help on what I can to make this world a better place to life; I hope that our thoughts and actions can help us get there.
      You are a very sensitive and really sweet person and I really believe that you will archive anything that you dream, that is my wish to you.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thanks Dolphine....Do we archive, as you say, what we dream in our that what you mean?

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      • dbremner

        Very true and very well written. Posing the last line of part 3 as a question gives it extra significance to to the reader, in fact a considerable amount of extra significance. Does the poem a lot of good in my most humble opinion!

        • Dolphine29

          Thank you so much! I'm so glad to share this.
          I want to challenge the readder and with that, make them be inside as well.

        • jerrypat

          I see this poem as a progression of life. The eyes which are supposed to be the mirrors of our souls are also the hiders of sadness, angst and downright misery.

          I found the adult stanza the most compelling because so often we pretend to be alive as you suggested. In other words we just go along to get along, an awful way to have to live. It destroys the inner you and something inside you dies.

          Great mind-examining poetry.

          • Dolphine29

            Thank you so much! I tend to think on an existentialistic way on an introspective and well this is my reflection on the conclusion.

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