The darkness is infinite, no beginning or end.
Yet so bright, so WHITE it hurts to lift your eyelids.
The silence is crushing, so loud, and deafening
The lack of sound pounds to the beat of...
Not your heart, for it beats no more.
Not your blood, for it no longer flows.
Nor your breathing, for that had long since ceased.
It beats to your thoughts.
For that is all that is left of you.

  • Author: AngelKitty (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 30th, 2011 19:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: Im considering to hand this in for school. :) Plz be nice, Im 12. Thank you. And please leave a comment!
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  • Emi

    I love this!!!!! It's wonderful. 🙂 I love the details and emotion put into it. I can't believe you're 12, the idea in this is really quite mature. I hope you get an amazing grade for this (if it's a graded assignment).

    • AngelKitty

      THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    • Cheeky Missy

      Very nicely done! Your title sets the stage which your initial thoughts lead into, following so beautifully to the conclusion. Isolating "Drifting" and "What" emphasized the intent and directed the thought very well. Excellently written and depicted! I enjoyed it and expect you should get a good're only 12...and writing VERY WELL and maturely, as already mentioned. I enjoyed it because you wrote it so well.

      • AngelKitty

        Thank you so much!

      • Jorge G Sifuentes

        Are you 12....??? Years old...???
        So many with 12 years writing poetry can hardly write something this good...!!!
        You are AWESOME...!!!

        • AngelKitty

          Thanks so much!!!!

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