at night

I'm blissfully unaware of how I feel

I can't believe anything is real

my empty heart of steal

is starting to make an appeal

its time to make a deal

as this bottle comes to an end

I find myself missing an old friend

darkness is so easy when you

can't find the light

I've been wrong my whole life ,

trying to find what's right.

I'm only living for the night,

so please,

take a bite and take away my sunlight

as the heavens above break

my once cold heart aches

I never ment to forsake.

The deed is done,

as my final breathe

leaves me

do not grieve

and always believe

that this came as a relief

the king of theives

did come to retrieve

my soul,

that I seem to have misplaced

when I first looked into your face

I had fallen from grace

I've always been outraced, replaced.

You look at me in distaste,

as I walk by, you cant

imagine what it's like

to deny the light

to walk alone at night.


  • dbremner

    Good poem - well written, some great rhymes.

  • Cheeky Missy

    Your usage of end-rhyming is pleasant. The scenario you presented is a miserable one, and while comforted in the thought of exiting, since we do not know for certain what lies hereafter, it is not really a comfort....even though you feel you've tasted enough "hell" here. You depicted the sorry case poignantly...and so perfectly. Well-written. Don't give the Lord's face while you still have breath....His mercy endures for ever.

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