Who took my heart?


I have two hands, legs, eyes
And a brain that sometimes defies
Yet I feel something is amiss
I check my feet, toes and the kiss of my miss
All are in place
Then why is there a frown on my face?
I get to know! Its my heart!
I don't think I dropped it in the mart

Who took my heart....and then they left it where?
Did I leave it in my basket and what? somebody dared....
To pilfer it? The thief.....I know...my heart will tell!
And if the scheming rascal does not treat it well
I hope it will explode and bloody all of him!...except,
What will become of me? I cannot quite accept
This loss of my anatomy. Detective can there be
Who can aid in helping me.....to retrieve my stolen piece?

Why do I let my heart get lost?
Is it the quickest way I can make it frost?
I don’t blame the Ice Queen
She is not yet so keen
So I just dance in the snow till I fall upside down
Setting all around and so getting a deep frown
The tiny crystals are just melting away
Every time I laugh and turn another way

Even with an empty hollow hole in my chest
I can still feel anger and annoyance, I must confess
After much yelling and loud screaming
I have to say I am positively beaming
Envisioning the heart-thief’s death by knives
I run out the door as I begin to contrive
I look around every single corner of the town
But my poor embezzled heart I can not find, and so I frown

Into the heart we hold inside that counts and the numbers will all add up to this fusion I call standing still and moving forward to every word that must touch ones heart and we will start from the begining with two hands, legs, eyes
And a brain but to never forget the biggest memory of all my heart and with this passion

I look hither and thither
'My heart, my heart!" I cry and slither
Around; it is (911)Emergency!
I look around and above the tree,
Below and above the ocean, not inside
I break all my confidences, I don't confide
O my heart! I cry and sob
Its absence, to my figure, is a daub

You took my heart....yes, YOU--it's YOU!
I just know you took it, confess it now too:
So subtly contriving to catch it away,
That's why you are reading what I have to say
But you don't feel guilty, though I wear a frown
You're smiling so happily, and you are not down
And like whisp'ring breezes that soft promise love
Like sweet scents wafting about, you seem a dove

And yet you are the criminal
I don't care about your denial
For I can see the heart in you
And the other you hold; it's so new
Just like the one I had got
For a replacement I had fought
And now give it back to me
Hang it back on the tree

Felt vague without my heart or was it you?
Was I the only one to feel it or was it you too?
The heart gently whispers that he loves his new place,
Where he was nourished with utmost grace,
I find it hard to convince this childish heart,
It has been hypnotized by spell bound art,
now...there's not a feeling of sadness or pain,
because I have received more than what I could gain!

My heart you stole, yet I cannot deny
That this joy that I feel by and by
Is not for wounds I wish to inflict and blood forth seep
But perhaps for a secret wish for you to keep
What you have theft from my being
That sometimes blinded me to what I was seeing
Yes, keep the heart you have pilfered
Though I may be bereft and bewildered

If you will safe keep it and nourish it too,
Mayhap I'll consent to leave my heart with you...
Did you steal my heart or is Cupid the thief?
If you say t'was him, then this passes belief!
What are you doing with my heart if t'was him?
Why smile you sweetly? Is not this quite grim?
If you are so happy with my heart then say,
Will you make me as happy as you are today?

  • Authors: Quiller (Pseudonym), Chic George, Dolphine , Emi, Jason Humber, versifier, Stormy Day
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  • Finished: March 5th, 2011 09:22
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  • Comment from author about the poem: I want it to make the reader go rolling down laughing! C'mon guys and girls, let us create a masterpiece! Note: The title of the poem should be taken literally. The stanzas should have 8 lines rhyming AABBCCDD compulsorily! Best of luck!
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  • SauravRHS

    Didn't turn out that well... 🙁 Will write another one and try to complete it myself...! Anyways, well tried by all of you. I appreciate your response!

    • Cheeky Missy

      Aw, it was indeed a challenge....and I was at a loss how to infuse humor into it...sorry about that. Certainly made a very interesting piece. Seems the theme might not have been conducive to amusement? I dunno. But I enjoyed participating. Sorry it is a disappointment for you.

      • SauravRHS

        No it is okay... I think the theme was conducive to humor. Anyways, I am re-writing it and will publish it as soon as possible!

      • Huzaidi Hashim

        I've searched for it on twitter and even on facebook
        I've even sent my whole village, all out there to look
        I 'm sure I'm not that fickle to easily lose my sanity
        It's really so embarrassing, cause it hurts my vanity
        Although I tried to ignore, the beauty of your presence
        My heart just couldn't resist, the magic of your innocence

      • Anna

        It looks like you guys REALLY tried hard on it! I think, in my opinion, it's the amazingest piece I've read so far 😉

        • SauravRHS

          Yea? Ya I have tried hard! Check out my own 'Who took my heart?' poem! I have posted it in my poems!

        • Alexandre Landsley


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