Am I angry, or just a scared little boy?

Why am I worried?

What am I running from?


Scared of loving, scared of affection

Scared of longing, scared of caring

Fear of emotion

Give my heart so she can abuse it?

Show love & kindness so she can confuse it?

Where did it go wrong?

Who made my heart so strong?

Why must I question your feeling?

Is there really a place for my heart to belong?


When I close my eyes, I visualize

No fear, no anger, just bliss

Relaxed judgement, I’m enlightened

Then I open my eyes & then I realize

Reality filled with fear, leads to anger

I can’t live like this!


So what needs to change?

Who needs to change?

What should I sort out or rearrange?

Organize my mind

Organize my life

Prioritize my ambitions & dreams

And then reap the fruits of my labour it seems.


  • Emi

    I enjoyed reading this, and I especially loved your word choice and rhyming. 🙂

    • Nexuscjt

      Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. 🙂

    • Cheeky Missy

      Delightfully fascinating as usual, a self-discussion evaluating the inclinations, touching on the fears, imaginings, and assessing all to respond more calmly and reasonably. Leading the reader through the reasoning to provoke a more sensible response as opposed to hasty wrath......the key being an exposition of sorts of the "ten-second" rule, delaying a hasty response in favour of a wiser assessment. Lovely. Rather reminiscent of the Word of God that he that is hasty of spirit exults folly, as well as Let every man be swift to hear, slow to wrath, slow to speak..... My take on it. Told with your characteristic philosophizing. I enjoyed it.

      • Nexuscjt

        Thanks again, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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