She wears her masks

Of happiness and joy

So convincing is she that everyone asks

“Is there ever a moment you don’t enjoy?”

Though she always asks herself

The very opposite question

The jar of tears she keeps on a shelf

In her guarded mind with her depression

Always showing her forced smiles

She cowers behind them

Her life filled with emotional guiles

The only part of her flower left is the stem

Her once bright sun has long since faded

But who is this “she”?

Who holds her own masquerade?

This “she” - this jester – is me 


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  • Cheeky Missy

    Beautifully expressed and very, very sad. Your symbolism and metaphors of cowering and jar of tears, headless flower, faded sun and merely jester, excellently depict the situation. Shared by many, doubtless, unfortunately. Very well expressed.

    • Emi

      Thank you. 🙂

    • Lifewellspoken

      Very nice writing.

      • Emi

        Thank you. 🙂

      • Anna

        When you write your poems, I don`t know why, but I feel like you`re talking to me personally. It feels as if everything you write about, is everything that I feel. And it is. It`s very ironic, but I love that about your poems. I really appreciate you sharing them with me, and everyone else :`D

        • Emi

          Thank you. 🙂 And I appreciate you reading them! 🙂

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