Without You

The silence

It beats about my head and ears

With a cacaphony of sound

And deafens me

From all but its brutal assault of my senses


This emptiness

It tears at my self and sanity

All with eager abandon

With the promise of a tomorrow

That should have been many yesterdays ago


These memories

They offer temporary reprise

With thoughts of beauty and love

And gives me

Something to hold onto until I'm in your arms again


  • dbremner

    I'll tell you something straight - this poem is truly excellent and it's without doubt one of the best I've ever read here. What you have written is pure art! Really well done.

    • StormyDay

      Oh, thank you for saying so..! I'm trying really hard not to tear up. The first two or three lines just sat forgotten on a scrap of paper for the longest time. I didn't know how well it would turn out. :')

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