Michael Edwards




Is this the day of my demise?

Is this the day I needn’t rise?

The tendency to roost in bed

belies the fact I aint yet dead.


Induced to rise by bladders call

tells me it’s not the end at all.

The summons of the judgement day

will not be served on me today.


The reaper with his scythe and hood

has shuffled off and so he should.

Still closed above is heaven’s gate

the big long box can sit and wait.




  • Phoenix8523

    Elegantly funny -- phoenix

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Phoenix


    Thanks MICHAEL ~ I like a bit of HUMOUR to dispel the GLOOMER ! I always look at the obituries in the TIMES and If I'm not in them ~ I know I'm still alive ~ even though I'm only ONE-THIRD through my life (33) I hope ! Love the drift wood sculpting ~ very popular on the South East Coast ~ Please check my SNOWDROPS POEM ~ Thanks BRIANt

  • Tony36

    Love it great write, love the sculptor as well

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Kathy Brian and Tony

  • WriteBeLight

    You never cease to amaze! Great sculpture!

  • P.H.Rose

    One word.... superb
    I love this poem..
    Well done Michael..

  • Michael Edwards

    Really appreciate your kind encouragement WBL and PH

  • willyweed

    Whimsical and wonderful.ww

  • Michael Edwards

    Cheers WW

  • janetaylor

    :0) love the humor intertwined with the wait for the long box - great poetry!

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Janet - I love your poem and hope you will be posting more.

      • Pintu Mahakul

        Lovely humor amazes mind. This is really wonderful.

      • Pintu Mahakul

        This poem is very fun giving. Humor is wonderfully expressed in every line. Really this is very interesting one.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks again Pintu - I must admit it's one of my favourites.

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