Michael Edwards




‘The world’s mine oyster’, scribed Shakespeare the writer

but I’m not all that sure I agree with the blighter

for it seems to me sitting here in the cloister

it’s quite claustrophobic if you’re inside an oyster.





  • Michael Edwards

    Back to the serious tomorrow I promise.

  • WriteBeLight

    Ha Ha very sweet! Beautiful painting, as well.

  • Tony36

    LOL! Love this poem and love the painting

    • Michael Edwards

      Cheers Tony - glad it made you smile.

      • Tony36


      • P.H.Rose

        Another really good
        one Michael....
        On occasion a few
        Words can almost tell
        A novel.... if you know
        What I mean...
        Great write sir. Well done.

        • Michael Edwards

          Cheers PH - now a novel - now there's an idea.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks MICHEAL very droll ~ poignant painting ! Inside an oyster is best for a Girl ~ Cos if she gets lucky she might find a PEARL ! Thanks BRIAN

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Brian but : Inside an oyster can be tempting for a girl, for if she is lucky she may find a pearl BUT if in an oyster she places her hand, she may only find a grain of sand.

            Brian - I quite like this and may turn it into a four line poem and post tomorrow or sometime - do you mind?

          • Augustus

            Very Shakespearean! Heh, heh. Thanks for the chuckle.

          • janetaylor

            ha ha i adore it! now i won't be able to say that saying again without a twinkle in my eye. the paintings are always a delight to see!

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Janey - got it right that time !!

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