las nubes saben

las nubes en el cielo se deleitan
en la felicidad.

pueden ver sobre todo el mundo
y averiguar que las almas de
la humanidad son perfectas.

y cuando viene la noche
las nubes han dejado su tranquilidad
pintado a través del cielo.

tal vez sea por esta razón
que las estrellas brillan.

©2017 janetaylorhardy


  • Michael Edwards

    Ya estoy casada pero las estrellas siguen brillando para mí

    • janetaylor

      ha ha y estoy casada también. creo que roberto (damaged soul) es muy divertido :0) gracias por tu comentario! y para mi también, las estrellas siguen brillando!

    • rrodriguez

      Jane, awesome poem about the clouds and the stars. Translate it and work it to fit the English rhyme. You have a beautiful poem here. There's a sister website in Spanish called Poemas-del-alma.com. Go there and you can get your poems published in Spanish. By the way, I invite you to read my poem, Tears. Be blessed!

      • janetaylor

        thank you so much for your gracious comment! i did translate it (translation is in my author's note) but i didn't know about poems-del-alma. thank you i will check it out! and i had already read "tears." a beautiful masterpiece with an touch of elegance and grace.

      • WriteBeLight

        Very nice Jane. I read the Author's note. Thanks for doing that.

        • janetaylor

          oh thank you so much! i really do not quite like the sound of it in english ~ but i realize for those who don't speak spanish the entire poem would not make sense. thanks for reading and have a most beautiful day!

          • WriteBeLight

            You too Jane!

          • Christina8

            Just beautiful with the poem and the image! Great job! (my spanish isn't what it used to be, but I read the poem on the authors notes--just a fascinating write!)

            • janetaylor

              thank you so much christina! i really appreciate your gracious comment.

            • Fay Slimm.

              An astoudingly beautiful picture dear Jane and I am sure the poem in Spanish follows with wonderful phrasing - - the translation to English leaves a beautiful feeling of peace after sunset - so clever of you to post it in Spanish which as you comment is a most romantic language. Thank you dear Jane.

              • janetaylor

                thank you fay ~ i am always honored by your comments as i see in you a true artist of words!

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GRACIAS JANE ~ Por Las Nubes Saben ! Es una poema muy hermosa y en mi esperiencia tambien verdad ! There are many Spanish speakers on MPS as you will have already gathered ~ it is my second language ! Thanks for the translation. It is customary on MPS if one posts a poem ~ in a language other than English ~ to add a translation ~ OK. Thanks for the picture and audio ~ the Spoken Spanish is so so Angelic ! Abrazos ~ BRIAN

                • janetaylor

                  muchisimas gracias mi amigito ~ que bien que hablas español! y gracias por tu comentario. eres muy amable! que tenga buen día!

                • Augustus

                  Es muy difícil escribir poesía en otra idioma. Lo he estudiado durante 7 años y sólo una vez he intentado escribir poesía. Los cielos hablaban contigo cuando escribiste este poema. Abrazos.

                  • janetaylor

                    augustus ~ te hables muy bien en español! si yo creo que es muy difícil escribir poesía en otro idioma. gracias por tu comentario ~ muy amable mi amigito. abrazos para ti.

                  • ron parrish aka wordman

                    well jane if the poem is as good as the image,then it is very lovely

                    • janetaylor

                      thanks ron! :0)

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