how i have ached to walk amongst the evergreens
encased by dazzling quaking aspen
in my rocky mountain home

i yearn to fall again while skiing
and catch a wisp of icy sky blue
snow powder crystals
on my tongue
orgasmic feelings
rise and fall
as they melt
and disappear

i long to breathe in your scent
sitting on the peak of wooded ridges
amidst slate colored boulders
sea salt combined with cinnamon
laced with wildflowers
crisply filling my lungs

i hunger to once again
behold again your red rock formations
creating tender hollows
through which timid coral sunsets peer

i crave hiking at dusk
into your jagged emerald forests
and sit wistfully mid the columbine
while darkened sunflowers juxtapose
against the jet black emptiness
enticing the stars
to etch enchanting paintings
on inky cobalt skies

hankering to be at the sundance film festival
coyly peeking into restaurants
covertly spying on the movie stars
on old park city main

itching to experience waiting patiently
for a moose to cross the street
its majesty splashing gingerly
sending chills throughout the galaxy
magnificence abounds

i pine to have memories gently cradle me
like worn out patchwork quilts
warmed by incandescent fires
wrapping me in soft colored canvas
the past craving transformation
by an echo that’s now dim

faintly crying out for
an old familiar artist’s brush
that still lingers
to snag times gone by
and paint the future in

amalgamating the antiquated
with the present
luring in
my destiny

i dream to don my fringed leather jacket
and hear my cowboy boots
fiercely clicking
against charcoal shadowed midnight sidewalks
while i watch the harvest moon

i’m parched too see your autumn chestnut leaves
against the bloodshot auburn sky
as cardinal hues give way to glistening winter
melding into tender spring

your summertime birthing
tingles down my spine
as chartreus aspen leaves
morph to golden bisque
enticing ute country
to blow in
copper colored indian summers
with cherry fragrant wind

yutaahih you were called
by the apaches
their historic essence
somehow ingrained within
my every cell
thirsty to lie enveloped
like a long lost lover
in your rugged western terrain

once having left your presence
i return to you now
my heart flutters
with wild anticipation
to see your precious face again



  • Christina8

    Very descriptive poem. I felt like I was there. Breathtaking artwork! This duo is a masterpiece! Christina

    • janetaylor

      thank you so much christina! i appreciate your kindness so much :0)

    • NB

      such a beautiful poem.. your descriptions are always excellent.. masterfully done! :)

      • janetaylor

        thank you so much i appreciate your gracious comment!

      • Tony36

        Great write and awesome picture

        • janetaylor

          awww thanks tony! :0)

          • Tony36


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            WOW JANE ~ Thanks for one of the most beautiful illustrated scenery poems I have read on MPS. I can see why JOSEPH SMITH chose UTAH ~ God's Own Country ! Surrounded by Arizona ~ Nevada ~ Idaho ~ Wyoming and Colorado ~ The perfect centre of five beautiful States. Because the USA is 40 times bigger than the UK everything is bigger ~ brighter ~ better and more beautiful in the USA ~ but we are older ! Would you be an ANGEL (you are one already !) and post a UTAH poem on my FUSION ~ MY FAVORITE AMERICAN STATE ~ Gracias ~ Besos y Abrazos ~ BRIAN (UK)

            • janetaylor

              oh wow thank you for the incredible comment and compliment! and yes, i will look up your fusion! abrazos right back at ya :0)

            • Michael Edwards

              I've never got to Utah in my travels but you have almost convinced me - mind you it would have to be in summer as I suffer physically from the cold - yet another superb offering Janey

              • janetaylor

                oh yes ~ do visit utah in the summer! the mountains couldn't be more spectacular than in mid-summer. thank you for your incredible kind comment :0)

              • P.H.Rose

                You paint a portrait
                And put us right there
                I love autumn my
                Favourite season
                Or fall as you call it.
                This is such a good
                Poem and very descriptive
                Well done... J.T.H
                Ps.. that picture is stunning

                • janetaylor

                  thank you so much ~ your gracious comment made my day! :0)

                • Pintu Mahakul

                  My heart flutters with wild anticipation. Returning to this place is very interesting. Beautifully narrated poem is shared here truly.

                  • janetaylor

                    thank you ~ you are very kind pintu!

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