Michael Edwards




‘You’ve failed to lower the seat again.

It seems I’m always telling you,

I guess you men are all the same.

Why can I not get through to you?


To close it down is common sense

for when we ladies come to use it

 down is where we need it hence

the rule is clear so don’t abuse it.’




‘But just a moment darling wife,

the time has come to reappraise it.

On this you’ve nagged me all my life

but when I use it I must raise it.


So kindly listen to what I say

for surely thus the rule is clear.

No matter what the time of day

the correct position is raised my dear.’





  • Pintu Mahakul

    I am always telling you and you guess this very well. No matter what the time of day the correct position is raised my dear. This poem is wise and very interesting.

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Pintu - It's interesting to note that it's only the women who complain about it being left raised - you never hear men complaining about it being left down. But then there is no written law about it to say which is the correct position :0)

  • P.H.Rose

    Ha ha love this
    So the time honoured
    Tradition of leaving
    The seat up is not
    just confined to
    My house....

    • Michael Edwards

      Universal problem - leave it up I say!

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha you men! Complaining about the seat again! Very entertaining Michael! Nice painting as well. Excellent title!


      Ohhhhhhhhhh MICHAEL ~ I did not expect a LAVATORIAL JOKE from you ! It is just another YIN & YANG situation of the "ups and downs" of life. Men always want a bigger target to aim at ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN There was always tension in the local CONVENT if they found the SEAT UP ! Thanks for another excellent painting ~ too good for the LOO WALL !

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Brian - no idea where the painting has been hung as it was sold about a year ago - don't mind it being in the loo (a good place for contemplation) as long as it's not down it !! .

      • mammyo3

        I live in a house with all boys and my husband and thankfully I trained them early on to close the lida as well due to ecoli and other germs that can go through the air on flushing. Truth be told if I find it up I just put it down as I know how it works lol

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks mammyo3 - yes boys are the worst

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