gods in motion

i watch you walking
as i sip
my morning tea

what’s your story?
i see your glory
as you walk down the street

i am honored
to behold your presence
as i watch you from afar

you are gods in motion
i can see you
behind the scars



  • Michael Edwards

    I might be English but I prefer coffee however it has to be properly made - none of that Starbucks stuff for me!! Great write

    • janetaylor

      ha ha i totally agree! i never drink starbucks coffee ~ it needs it to be properly made.....preferably a latte from espresso :0) thanks for your comment michael.....still pondering your lovely poem i read today......'twas excellent!

      • Michael Edwards

        Ah bless thanks Janey

      • P.H.Rose

        This is so very good
        Jane.. I love a short
        Poem that tells a story
        With so few words.
        I have done that self
        Same thing on a few
        Occasions, watched
        Someone that has a
        Story written on them
        And it is just waiting
        For someone to read
        It.. I once watched
        A man on a bicycle
        With hundreds of
        Plastic shopping bags
        Stuffed into 4 large ones.
        2 on each handlebar..
        His clothes were torn,
        His jacket was tied
        together with string.
        He'd not shaven for
        Years..he was basically
        A tramp or a hobo as you
        Americans call them.
        I found my self looking
        at him for a long time
        And wondering what his
        Life was like as a young boy
        And how he'd got to where
        He was that day...
        For no reason at all I
        Started to cry....
        The thing was he wasn't
        That old..30s maybe..
        When I got home all
        I could do was hold my
        Children... I've never told
        Anyone that story
        Until now...
        Beautiful poem Jane.
        Thank you...

        • janetaylor

          what an incredibly beautiful story. thank you so much for sharing it with me. wow i could see him in my mind's eye also. thank you also for your gracious comment. i checked out your website. my son just got married and after looking at your website i am afraid i am going to be bugging him for grandkids :0) i adore the pink shoes!

          • P.H.Rose

            Ha ha...they are beautiful.
            I fitted her shop out, I love
            Working with wood... The shop
            And website is named after
            My granddaughter, now she
            Is an absolute madam...but
            Oh so beautiful .. Grandchildren
            Are an absolute gift, and a gift
            I hope you enjoy in not to distance
            A future... Thank you Jane...

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            MORNING TEA ~ Very English Jane ! We are all People Watchers ~ especially at AIRPORTS (sometimes I go to my local Airport ~ just to watch !). However this poem hints at a surreptitious tryst ? Are you watching a particular ONE or the whole plethora ? Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

            • janetaylor

              ha ha ~ a whole plethora! i get my morning tea and watch all of the people going up and down the street. the people are simply amazing. they have no idea i am watching them.....but i see their beautiful faces and sometimes they have written agonies and heartache or sheer happiness around their aura. i wonder what they have been through and to me they are all amazing gods. thank you for your kind comment!

            • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

              What a sweet poem in great rhyme. Lovely muse as u sip. Keep on writing. Thumbs up.

              Pls do comment on my latest poem too, u r most welcome to. Even one line will do.

              • janetaylor

                thank you so much! i appreciate your gracious comment :0)

              • ron parrish aka wordman

                i wonder what we all express behind the scars,lovely thoughts

                • janetaylor

                  thanks ron i appreciate your comment!

                • Pintu Mahakul

                  You see glory everywhere even in morning tea. Very interesting and amazing this is really. I see God's motion behind each scar. This is very beautiful poem shared here.

                  • janetaylor

                    thank you very much pintu ~ i really appreciate it :0)

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