Michael Edwards




An aspiring young jockey called Morse

was longing to ride round the course

‘How can it be done?’

he asked his bright son.

‘On a long-tailed, long legged, well bred, black Arabian horse, of course!’




There was an old man called Rose

who wore a large peg on his nose.

Whenever asked ‘Why?’

He would always reply:

‘It’s convenient for hanging out clothes’.





There was a young man from Eccles

who was covered all over in freckles.

Said the King to the Queen

‘Tis a thing seldom seen,

except in the streets around Eccles’.








  • Christina8

    Wonderful limericks! I echo in what Kathy said in that you do have a way with words! Nice abstract! Work of art!

  • WriteBeLight

    Very entertaining!

    • Michael Edwards

      Thank you - pleased to raise a smile.

    • janetaylor

      ha ha :0) oh my gosh i have to tell the last one to my husband. his middle name is eccles and his business partner calls him eccles. thanks for creating smiles and i adore the painting!

      • Michael Edwards

        What a coincidence - by the way have you ever heard of the Goon Show? Not sure if it was popular in the States - if not just google \'Goon Show, Eccles\'

        • janetaylor

          haven't heard of it so ok i'll google it :0)

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