P O L A R B E A R S ~ An Acrostic


POLAR BEARS ~ Ursus Maritimus 

ONE  of natures most beautiful creatures !

LOVELY to see in the Wild ~ sad in Zoos

ADULT MALES up to 9 ft ~ Females up to 7 ft

REALLY threatened by Global Warming ~ MR TRUMP !


BEARS  are in Alaska ~ Russia ~ Canada ~ Greenland ~ Norway

ESTIMATE  25,000 and diminishing due to melting ice flows

ALSO  Oil spillages ~ Polar Bears are an essential part of the

RURAL ARCTIC ECOSYSTEM ~ We are all responsible to .......

SAVE  these Beautiful Animals for future generations !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Yours BRIAN 



  • Fay Slimm.

    Wishing with you Brian that this tragic change in Arctic conditions for all animals such as the Polar Bear could be seen to be the responsibility of people world-wide. Your report here has surely raised the issue again in minds and hearts of readers. Praying with you too it has the desired effect soon.


      Thanks FAY for a very lovely comment. Yes we all have a part to play to prevent Climate Change and its drastic ecological consequences. If each oine of us was just a little GREENER then the consequences could be reversed ! BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Point so well made Brian - let's keep our fingers crossed.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        The problem is MICHEAL ~ Planet Earth (GAIA) is a living system and if we apply a constraint (like increased CO2) it responds by increasing the average global temperature from 15C to 16C etc ~ the ice caps melt ~ the sea levels rise and ultimately PLANET EARTH becomes uninhabitable to the HUMAN RACE and there is nowhere else to GO ! We must all be GREENER ! BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Or in the case of the Arctic - Greener !

        • Christina8

          Nice acrostic on a very serious subject. This should be part of the responsibility of every country. I do my best to be "green" but we all need to do our part. They are gorgeous creatures and thanks for writing about this issue! Hugs-Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRIS for your kind comment ! I think MPOS is a good site for a little ECOLOGY & CONSERVATION 2050 is forecast to be bad enough ecologically ~ we wont live to see 2100 but our descendants will and we have a responsibility towards them ~ OK. We all lov POLAR BEARS so let us all suypport them ~ Bea hugs ~ BRIAN

          • janetaylor

            wow what a beautiful tribute to these most majestic and beautiful creatures! they leave me in awe and wonder!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks JANE ~ pleased you enjoyed my tribute to the POLARS ! However like their cousins the GRIZZLIES they always need to be treated with great respect and TLC. By 2050 we want to learn their numbers have jumped to 50,000 and by 2100 to 200,000 ~ AMEN. But it all depends on how effective our CONSERVATION is today ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN.

            • Tony36

              Great write, hope the artic stays frozen for these Awesome animals

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks TONY ~ The problem is due to global warming they are running out of ice ! What a lot of people don't realise is that the salt in seawater lowers the freezing point from 32F down to 28F (0C down to MINUS 2C) so a small rise in temperature (4F or 2C) prevents the arctic ocean from freezing and the POLAR BEARS have nowhere to live and end up coming inland and living with the GRIZZLIES ! See the note by DAMAGED SOUL ~ So TONY sell your car and use a BIKE ! BRIAN

                • Tony36


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