Michael Edwards





Green field site in prime location,

planning application made,

public meeting , opposition,

hardline views, foregone conclusion,

council votes, approval granted


Press announcement made applauding,

brand new store, a big attraction,

grab a basket, grab a trolley,

don’t miss out on opening offers.


Gourmet foods, exciting products

new collections, spring designs

fancy wrappings well presented

stylish goods from leading brands.

‘May I help you? Only looking!


Staff shelf-stacking hindering access,

empty boxes blocking isles,

goods displayed beyond their sell-by,

self-scan checkouts, baskets only,

this till closed, frustration mounting.


Foot-falls down and profits plunging,

weekly targets downward spinning,

clearance goods at knock-down prices,

prices slashed, go grab a bargain,

all must go in closing sale.


Dirty windows, tattered posters,

concrete cracking, buddleias blooming,

rusty chain across the entrance,

demolition work in progress.

Brown field site in prime location.



  • WriteBeLight

    So true Michael. Very good write!

  • Tony36

    Your words ring true great write


    Great Visual MICHAEL ~ conjuring a bygone age ~ before the whole of England is encased in concrete. Every person in the USA has eight times the space we have in the UK and it shows. Concrete prevents drainage and each tree and blade of grass reduces photosynthesis which removes CO2 from the atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen. Urbanisation is one of several reasons that the % of CO2 in the atmosphere increases year by year. BRIAN.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Brian - it is so disheartening. My little village is threatened (although probably not in my lifetime thankfully) by urban creep - such a shame.

    • MendedFences27

      The "Retail Cycle" is being accelerated by on-line ordering. However the underlying problem is population growth. Maybe convert all of the closed Malls to housing. Your poem captures the rise and fall of Big Box stores precisely. If only we could keep all of the villages intact Love this one - Phil A.

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Phil - I also included most of the things that really annoy me when shopping in supermarkets - the other thing that annoys me are the other shoppers and I could go on at length about them.

      • Augustus

        It is all in the city council's hands. Developers donate heavily to their campaign funds. I love the contrast.

        • Michael Edwards

          They call it democracy - thanks for commenting Augustus

        • P.H.Rose

          This is bob on Michael
          Another saying that might
          Not translate....
          I hate how they just want
          To bloody build everywhere
          Knock down beauty
          Put up ugly....

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