Where will my shoes walk today?

What kind of tracks will they leave?

Those decisions in full-dress honesty

Lie hidden right up my sleeve.



Augustus / Folsom, LA / February 2017


  • willyweed

    now I ask you are you ok? just kidding great one master of desaster

    • Augustus

      I'm still clicking, well maybe no on all cylinders, but still on the road. Thanks for reading.

      • willyweed

        let me know if you break down I know all about that I call you a tow? ww

      • janetaylor

        i love it! very intriguing! i will think about this poem as i create my day with my footsteps.

        • Augustus

          And what do you have up your sleeve young lady? Heh, heh. Thanks for the comment.

        • WriteBeLight

          I like this.

          • Augustus

            Thanks WBL. Warm regards.

          • Christina8

            I like your poem. It's intriguing and leaves me wondering...but great job!

            • Augustus

              In other words I know exactly what I'm doing and probably up to no good or some Tom foolery. Thanks.

            • Goldfinch60

              Good write, we all leave footprints in our life

              • Augustus

                Thanks G. And may you spread cheer where ere thee tread.

              • Fay Slimm.

                Love the humour in these few lines - - when I take a walk my own tracks are nearly always on a surprise path.

                • Augustus

                  You have a life full of surprises then. Thanks.

                • rrodriguez

                  I thought what legacy am I leaving behind. Great write my friend.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Really like this one with its touch of humour.

                • Augustus

                  Thanks Mike, no telling what's up my sleeve today.

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