Party's Over

It’s been a month,

Since you’ve arrived.

I'll help you in,

Your quest to survive.


But, reached a point,

Have to draft rules.

To avoid getting mad,

And, feeling blue.


No more drinking,

During week nights.

Only ends up,

In tears and fights.


No forever running,

The washer and dryer.

My bills are soaring,

Costs tripled, higher.


No leaving the house,

After 10.

Return only,

Before then.


Lock the house,

This I demand!

Or else be met,

With the Boogeyman!


No video playing,

After 11.

I’ll pull the plug,

Well before then.


No more requests,

To me, for money.

It turns my stomach,

Just not funny.


Sorry that these,

Rules are made.

Only that,

I’m feeling played.


The party’s over.

My mind, no doubt.

The goal's to get you,

On your own and out.


What started as kindness,

From me, a gesture.

Now a pain in my heart,

That starting to fester.


I’ve paid my dues,

I’ve raised you right.

No more arguments,

No more fights.


No good deed,

Unpunished, goes.

Respect my wishes,

Follow these rules.


  • kevin browne

    and no smoking weed..!! brilliant write my friend.

    • WriteBeLight

      Thank goodness that is not happening. Thanks Kevin. The TWO guests are deep down good people. It is just that I am set in my ways regarding conserving energy and resources, in particular, during the colder weather. I turn the heat down when I leave the house, do creative things with leftover food, bring my lunch, am not wasteful, get to bed early on work nights, and most of all, if I have bills to pay, I do that first before any fun. Sorry about the rant. "Guest" do not get kids these days :)

    • Goldfinch60

      very good write, all will be well in the end.

      • WriteBeLight

        I had a nice talk this morning about this and got the message through without tears and yelling. So, I agree. Things are looking up! Thanks for the comment. :)

      • willyweed

        I can see Kevin is no fun at all, nice poem and good rules though. ww

        • WriteBeLight

          Ha Ha. Very funny WW! Yes, rules are sometimes needed, in particular, those not made of a bendable material. :)

          • willyweed

            yes oh wise one bendable rules = no rules break the rules we'll break your ass and cut you off from the free press and all other here to fo free stuff . rules to live by ww

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          • Tony36

            Well written and expressed

          • Michael Edwards

            If only !!! Great bit of poetic entertainment.

            • WriteBeLight

              Thanks Michael. I do want to approach some tough situations with some humor. I appreciate the comment. :)

            • janetaylor

              great rant! you hit it on the nose! your pictures always make me smile as well :0)

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks Jane! I though the pix was cute, too. :)

              • MendedFences27

                Tough choices in life are not always easily made, but sometimes we just have to put a foot down and rein things in. Your words are truth and wisely spoken. - Phil A.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thanks Phil. Give some people an inch and they take a yard. Human nature so true. Just have to speak up and clear the air. Thanks again!

                • Augustus

                  Pain in the heart? I was thinking of other places. Heh, heh. Nicely done.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Right on Augustus! I wrote that first, but I wanted to keep it kind of serious, because I think parents, would relate that we are put between a rock and a hard place when it comes to kids. But, mine are no longer kids anymore and I have to treat them like adults. Still, they will try to take advantage sometimes. That what makes me kind of sad. In any event, I feel better having addressed the issue and we will see how long this resolution lasts. Thanks again!

                  • Jooles

                    Really enjoyed this

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Thanks Jooles. I am hoping they their visit is not too much longer. Gave them a deadline and they are aware that I am serious about it. We shall see. Thanks again!

                      • Jooles

                        Fingers crossed

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