Somewhere on the five

I saw her on the freeway
She was all alone

I saw her on the freeway
On a sunny afternoon

I saw an angel and she moved me
She; fixed me with her stare

Heaven sent me an angel
with sunlight in her hair

She didn’t speak, but I could hear her
Every thing she had to say

I saw an angel and she touched me
She; showed me all there was to see

Heaven sent me an angel
with sunlight in her eyes

She told me things about life
And I was born to cry

I saw her she was weeping
as she passed me by

Standing on the freeway ramp
My thumb was out and high

Hitch hiking on an exit ramp
somewhere on the five





  • Goldfinch60

    Angels are all around us but many people do not realise they are there.

    Good Write.

    • willyweed

      Thank you Sir you are very wise and kind! ww

    • kevin browne

      Just please don't fly way with them yet, you still have a beautiful poetry life to lead. keep your feet firmly on the ground willyweed..!

      • willyweed

        you'll have to get used to me Kevin I'm not going anywhere yet it's all getting better I can see clearly now the rain(pain) is gone! willyweed you can go now
        walk down the streets of NYC yesterday you walked down the Ho Chi Min trail so thanks for the mind fuck but your done and you are free....mmmmm
        it was them along I'm ok and now I am fucking free of them and there fucked up memories! I will write and be all write now thank you all for the help I needed ww lives again!

      • Tony36

        Wonderfully written and expressed

        • willyweed

          Tony do you know how much I really appreciate you? a bunch! ww

          • Tony36


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          • Fay Slimm.

            Angels can be sent suddenly and "show us all we need to see." - a lovely thought and thanks for sharing.

            • willyweed

              You ! fay Thank you for sharing & caring! ww

            • Michael Edwards

              Yup - hang on in Willy - I've never heard of angels writing poetry - well not this good anyway.

              • willyweed

                when I pulled this one out of my draws this morning...what oh I know my Mom said the same this willy bot please don't keep them nice poems in your wares its a filthy habit yes Mama? sorry I felt like a new man and the angel said I told you so willy! so yeah I like it too! Thanks Mighty Mike you a cool one you!

              • janetaylor

                absolutely stunning write ~ somehow i could hear soft music in the background as i read it, and there is no music playing here! could be a beautiful and ethereal song. gorgeously penned!

                • willyweed

                  where do you live Jane it seems its always Christmas there? I played this this morning just before posting stay tuned I working on singing a song for WBL called deep purple blues when I figure out how to get it from upstairs
                  studio to downstairs laptop...I am not that smart yet but you could be next on list and is your dog half brown or just his face? mine is all black Sir Luke the dragon King> WW

                  • janetaylor

                    I live in Park City, Utah ~ a ski resort! And my dog is all white except for the half brown face and her name is JAX :0) Awww your dog sounds cute! Can't wait to hear/see your song!

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Must have been quite the Angel you saw there on the road, to have put the experience down so very well. Thanks for writing and posting it. Really great WW!

                    • willyweed

                      yes Angels are really great and they always tell the truth like you WBL are you an Angel in disguise? It would not surprise WW. thank you my dear and special one... friend! ww

                      • WriteBeLight

                        You are the sweetest cowboy! Thanks WW

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