Hate in her heart
love in her eyes
believing what
she's saying,
even if it's all a lie.
The tears get dried
but her mouth gets wet,
her mind is filled
with regrets,
everybody thinks
she’s perfect.
But deep down
she knows
she's not worth it.
She hates it…
she hates it all.
Instead of standing,
she’d rather fall
Hearing, “you ain't sh!t”
for so many years,
you start believing it.
Soft spot. NO TEARS.
She starts to think
she's immortal.
She has no feelings.
That isn't normal.
She'd rather hurt herself
than another person.
She starts to give up,
there’s nobody
that'll love her.
Wishing she could
write in blood
to feel pain.
Speaks with scars
to keep him sane.


  • ashley23

    Speaks the truth


    Quite a painful poem MARIE ~ especially if it's autobiographical. However writing such a sad confessional poem is very cathartic and I hope it gave you some relief. There are too great qualities which helped me survive as a Teen and I know they are impoertant to you ! SELF CONFIDENCE (an I CAN attitude) and SELF ESTEEM (an I AM attitude). You have plenty to offer ~ Yourself ~ Your Family and your Friends ~ but above all else you must LOVE YOURSELF ~ Hope this helps ~ Thinking of you ~ Your Poetic Friend ~ BRIAN (UK)

    • mariebonilla099

      yeah it did, for me I use poetry to express my feelings. Yeah that is important to me. Awe thank you that really nice of you Brian. And yeah i would remind myself that. i love your comment it made me realise a lot.

    • devothegreatest

      This is the second time I read this poem and your words really touched me 😌 good job mushy face ❤️

    • Goldfinch60

      Good strong write.

    • alisha

      Damn, this poem made me get in my feelings. This was so deep, I literally relate to this poem.

      • mariebonilla099

        awe that nice people could sure relate something like this. I'm glad that writing got into you.

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