APPLE PIE ~ Like Mother used to bake
PIE with short crust that no one else can make
PERFECT Bramley Apples cooked up in a pie
LOVELY smell and taste ~ you can't decry
EXCITING to the palate and the eye !
PIES are a very very British pud
I LOVE all fillings ~ like a good boy should
EXPECT I state ~ that I will lick my plate
Thanks ~ please add your fave. DESSERT !

A most heavenly dish,
Oh so thick and so rich,
I'd most certainly gain a few pounds.
With each welcome bite,
A most sinful delight,
And the eyes in my head would spin round.
I'd open my jaws,
And grab with mad paws,
I'd have it all please make no mistake.
The noise would be great,
As I sat and I ate,
All the wonderfully delicious cheesecake.

There it sits just like a king,
White and shiny full of zing,
The knife goes in as it should,
And onto my plate goes the Apple Pud.

You're my sweet potato
You're the apple of my eye
You're strawberry fields forever
You're my pumpkin' pie
You're a hot tomato
You're my snappy little bean
You're a cool cucumber
You're the peaches in my cream
You’re the blueberries on my pancakes
You’re the onion that makes me cry
You’re the top banana
You’re my cherry pie, up in the sky
You’re everything I wanted
You’re everything in between
You’re everything I needed
You’re just peachy keen
She’s a peach
A mango flower
My slice of cherry pie
She’s strawberry fields forever
The apple of my eye
She’s the top banana
A snappy little bean

TIRAMISU TIRAMISU ~ Perfect Dessert for me and for you
I LOVE the flavor ~ fantastic to savor
A TIRAMISU just made especially for me and for you
MADE first made in ITALY ~ at La Beccherie
IN 1960 ~ such a dessert delight
SWEET I could eat ~ all day and all night
UNUSUAL flavor ~ fantastic to savor !
VENETO TRAVISO ~ where it was first made
NICE FINGERS of sponge ~ dipped in coffee
EXCESS cream ~ mascapone and cocoa concerto
TO TASTE it is Heaven ~ it means "RAISE ME UP"
OBLIGADO CAPPUCCINO ~ in a fine china cup !
Thanks for visiting ~ Please add a Stanza ~ BRIAN

Simple creation from wisdom and love
I take one bit and back I go
To years before age and years before worry
The zing of citrus, the crumble from bisckets
I close my eyes with bliss of remembrance
Never could another taste quite the same
As I take another bite with hunger
For my fathers lemon cheesecake
Will forever be loved

Strawberry Shortcake
Tastes pretty great.
Looks very pretty,
On my plate.
One of the best,
You'll ever eat.
So my poem's
Shortcake and sweet!

An intolerance to dairy is not fair,
For the ice cream van does come,
With all the flavours that need care,
Scooped into a lovely cone,
But I lean to tree for my sweet,
So I do not blow my gasket,
After I have consumed my meat,
I tuck into my fruit basket.

Every family party has a sweet and sour side
but my mother could cook family frustration into one heck of a pie,
everytime she squeezed the lime,
she would flip her hair and let out a sigh
still today I'd kill for a key lime pie

If there is a course I could manage without
it would be the dessert without a doubt.
They’re not very good for the health conscious man,
I try to avoid them whenever I can.
Oh twist my arm -
It’ll do no harm.
There is a dessert of which I dream:
juicy fresh fruit.......with oodles of cream.

Of all the choices that I could make,
From pie to baklava or even cake.
I honestly don't think that these are the best,
The desert I love most is the one I call sex.

Desert desert my comfort food
The only thing that lifts up my mood
The drizzle of the icing, the smell of the sweetness
Oh how it gives me a sense of weakness

There is one dessert I cant live without
Dark as my soul
Fragile, and delicate like my heart
Triple chocolate fudge cake
Its a double edged sword this cake
The sweat, rich chocolate begging you to eat more
The thought of guilt that floods your mind
Leaving you wanting more, and more after every bite
It's my drug


My favorite desert is hard to choose
I love most sweet things,I have a big sweet tooth.
If I had to pick,
I think my favorite is a simple
scoop of cookie dough ice cream.
Simple, but sweet and yummy.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), J.J. Cooke, Goldfinch60, willyweed, Wilting moon, WriteBeLight, AuburnScribbler, Aals, Michael Edwards, Ruth Fadairo, Ash, Aaliyah Gisele, Izzi Lynn
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  • Comment from author about the poem: THE NEW PICTURE SHOWS JUST HOW A YUMMY SLICE OF LEMON MERINGUE PIE ~ should look ! Shortcrust pastry and an equal layer of tangy lemon and fluffy meringue. It should be warm and eaten just as shown or with cream or ice cream but never with custard ~ ENJOY. This picture is specially for GEORGIA who added a STANZA on her Dad's Lemon Meringue Pie. An excellent TIRAMISU from VENETO Italy ~ where it was first made. If you have never tasted TIRAMISU go out and get one right now ~ BRIAN ! Like all MALES (of the species) I love food and especially Dinner Parties and Posh Restaurants that serve four course meals (including Cheese and Port !). Starters are important and of course the Main Course ~ BUT ~ also is the DESSERT. There are hundreds to choose from and each Country (and American State) have their own specialties and favorites. British Apples are the best in the World ~ so my favorite is HOT APPLE PIE with thick double creme ~ YUMMY ! Please add a Stanza in praise of your favorite ~ Thanks ~ BRIAN XOX
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  • mariebonilla099

    This is really good


      THANKS MARIE ~ pleased you enjoyed it ~ Are you writing a FUSION ? Hugs BRIAN

    • Elizabethan Sea

      The warm aroma tickles my nose,
      And a smile spreads from my head to my toes,
      Spicy cinnamon, sweet brown sugar,
      toasted pecans and fresh baked bread,
      Rolled together lovely and soft they intertwine,
      I shouldn't but wouldn't it be sublime?
      Maybe if I shared one with you, then that would be alright?
      Just look at it steam fresh out of the oven - take the first bite!
      Melts in my mouth - yum!
      Lets go get some more Sticky Buns.

      • Elizabethan Sea

        ^That's my favorite. Along with ice cream and cheesecake and pie and apple crisp. But Sticky Buns are very special. 🙂

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS ELIZABETH ~ Love all your choices ELIZABETH (lovely name) and for me A hot sticky Cinnamon Bun is as good as making love ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

        • OxfordSkills

          Hi Brian

          I have never participated in this thread before.. please could you tell me how it's done, so I can add my bit? Thanks! 🙂

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Good Morning OS ~ The FUSION POEMS that you caa extend are hidden ~ Younhave to CLICK on the box marked DEVELOPING to add a poem ~ This on has been timed out. I have one on FISH at the momemnt ~ Please visit. There are also other developing ones by other POETS ! It can be fun but they move a bit SLOW. I apologise for my lateness of reply ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Magali Aguilar Solorza

            Your verses make a delicious poem, a rich dessert of sweet letters.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MAGALI ~ We all need a bit more HONEY in our lives ! Yours BRIAN

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