Michael Edwards




She touched the dress she wore in dreams,

and stroked the silken needle lace.

She held the dress she wore that night

and felt the bleached white calico.




  • Poems_

    Great write! Love it.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks so much for commenting Poems

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write.

      If your image is an etching I bow to your absolute skill.

    • Michael Edwards

      Sorry Goldfinch - I used the word in a sort of metaphorical sense - it's a watercolour. Thanks for looking.


      Thanks MICHAEL ~ Another excellent POEM & PAINTING ~ In my mind I can visualise the Dream ~ the Dress ~ the Damsel ~ at a Ball inside that lovely Manor House. Love the elegance and delicacy (of talk and topic) in the short but dulcet ode. Thanks for dreaming and sharing ~ yiou are sio so creative with water colours & words ~ Yours BRIAN. Please check my latest poem and my TRUMP FUSION ! Thanks B.

    • Michael Edwards

      You are so kind - will now go to the fusion.

    • P.H.Rose

      Very good Michael
      Well done sir..

    • MendedFences27

      We can dream, but then we have to face reality. Well spoken, Michael.
      And that is a well done etching. - Phil A.

      • Michael Edwards

        Thank you PHIL - yes we can dream - not that I can ever recall many of mine.

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