Michael Edwards




Though light of foot on the dance floor, his legs were short and squat.

He appeared to be taller when seated, and shorter when he was not.


He was always pleasant and easy, and his brain was in good working order,

his head was rendered quite bald, with stray whiskers all round the border.


He had a rosy red visage, and a chubby clean shaven face,

and beneath his chin which was oval, were dewlaps that flapped like wet plaice


His eyebrows were wiry and bushy, his suffering eyes knew glaucoma,

his inscrutable lips when parted, diffused an unpleasant aroma.


He was always merry and cheerful, and his friends described him as cool

But his family knew him better, and considered him quite a fool.






  • Goldfinch60

    Good fun write. Love the cartoon.

  • Michael Edwards

    Thanks Goldfinch.


    Hi Michael ~ LOVE PENGUINS ~ LOVE CARTOONS ! Love the poem ~ we are all different ~ we all have eccentricities it is only when they are laid out ~ bare in a poem ~ that we actually begin to see oorsen as others see us ~ had but Nature the power gie us ! BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Brian - eccentricities - not sure - obsessed - yes - and if I wasn't I'd be so bored with life

    • Christina8

      Loved this cute cartoon and the funny rhyming poem. They are great together!

      • Michael Edwards

        thanks Christina - I have a series of these cartoons which are hanging in many a childs bedroom - pity I didn't take photos of them all.

      • Seeker

        Michael, this is a splendid poem which ends with a beautiful philosophy. I read somewhere, and you probably know where, that a prophet is without honor in his own country.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Seeker - you are so kind - as for the saying I think it may have been biblical - Mark?

          • Seeker

            Quite right Michael, though I sort of paraphrased the quote. It''s been one of my lifelong favorite sayings but I haven't looked it up in a very long time. Heretofore I was thinking it was the old testament. Thanks for cuasing me to look it up again.

          • rrodriguez

            Nicely done Michael... excellent rhyme structure. They painting is cute and revealing.

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks so much for your encouragement.

            • MendedFences27

              Poor chap. I feel for him. Maybe we all get to where he's at from time to time, but constantly being considered a fool? No fun. I believe my wife called me a damn fool just yesterday. Thanks for the humor and the cartoon (funny, my life in a nutshell.) - Phil A.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thank you Phil - I am simply referred to as eccentric - must go and check my breath.

              • WriteBeLight

                So cheery and bright Michael. Great painting!

              • Will Hiltz

                A wonderful breath of fresh air, Michael! Nicely written on every level. Thanks.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Cheers Will - thanks for looking in - just a bit of fun.

                • Garry

                  I have done my bit of "gloomy" and have yet more gloom to add.
                  However i have tried to balance the books with a few recent efforts. Which are bit lighter and a couple more to come over the next few weeks. Mixed in with the darker stuff of course. Hope they cheer you up as much as this cheered me.

                • Michael Edwards

                  I do my share of gloom as well which is fine but a little bit of lighter stuff to balance the books is always welcome - look forward to seeing your future postings Garry.

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