Wonderful Wings


I love the birds.

They bring cheer.

But, not all of them,

Stick around all year.


So unusual,

A Blue Bird’s here.

At the feeder,

Early Spring this year.


A great old stand-by,

The Chickadee.

To eat from my hand,

I wish to see.


Tufted Titmouse,

I like that bird.

A scratchy call,

When it’s heard.


The little Junco,

A ground feeder.

Cleans up the seeds.

He’s a keeper.


The regal Cardinal.

His mask of black.

So brilliant his color.

My love for him lasts.


The pint-sized Goldfinch,

And, the House one.

Gold’s color returns,

For the Summer sun.


The Northern Oriole,

Orange and black.

I’m always happy,

When he comes back.


The Grosbeak too,

Black, white and red.

Hogs the feeder, though,

Until his hunger’s fed.


The Cedar Waxwing,

Like a race driver, looks.

With his sleek chassis,

That bird’s so cool!


But, my favorite,

Is the Humming Bird.

By the feeder hovers,

He’s the best in the world!

  • Author: WriteBeLight (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2017 05:31
  • Category: Nature
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  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, we feed the birds in our garden and as we go into spring I know that it will cost us a fortune as it did last year but the joy we, and obviously you, get from watching the birds is priceless.

    Obviously we have Goldfinches in our garden as one of the visitors, one day a few years ago there were forty of them in the garden, i felt so honoured.

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha. That is great. They are so beautiful and a joy to watch! Thanks so much, 🙂


      A beautiful ODE Honey reminding me of all the wonderful Birds I see on my visits to what is still God's Own Country (despite TRUMP !). I'm giving a talk on KENTUCKY (as an example of a typical American State) entitled KENTUCKY ~ WHAT A STATE TO BE IN ! I endorse the idea that every American State has a State Bird and a State Tree for it to sit in ! In the case of Kentucky it is a CARDINAL ~ 1926 (very popular) perching in a TULIP POPLAR ~ 1994 ~ It had to wait a long time to find a tree. Thanks for sharing ~ Hugs BRIAN

      • WriteBeLight

        Great info Brian. I am sure you, in your country, have great species. I just really love watching them, and feeding them is something I do first thing in the morning! Thanks!

      • kevin browne

        I wanna fly like a bird in the sky. set us free. lovely poem WriteBeLight.

        • WriteBeLight

          Thanks so very much Kevin!

        • Michael Edwards

          Yup - as Goldfinch we also. especially the tit family and tree creepers et al - great poem WBL

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Michael. Have you painted any birds?

            • Michael Edwards

              No I don't paint birds - they don't keep still long enough 🙂

            • Christina8

              Absolutely wonderful write! I love hummingbirds too. But my favorite is the cardinal! Some people look at butterflies as a sign from heaven but I look at cardinals as such. So beautiful!

              • WriteBeLight

                Nice thought Christina. Thanks!

              • Tony36

                Great write

              • Jooles

                Awww cute write....we mainly get pigeons 😅

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thanks Jooles. I really do not have any fondness for them. Pigs with wings 🙂

                  • Jooles

                    Lol my brother calls them rats with wings

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