With my words

I can topple governments

Bring down those in high places

Destroy our very way of living


With my words

I can bring healing to those in need

Comfort the lonely

Whisper a kind word into hatred


With my words

I can bring forth knowledge long forgotten

The knowledge to help all mankind

The knowledge to right wrongs

The knowledge to heal




Knowledge that can open doors to

True freedom

True peace

The very truth of humanity


With my words

I can speak the truth so bold

Truth whose true knowledge is yet untold

Truth to listen

Truth to understand


Nothing held back

Open for all to see

Naked as the day you were born

Kind of truth


Truth of joy

Truth of love

Truth of life

My words speak them all


With my words

I speak of life

Life fulfilled

Life lost


Life lived to it’s fullest

Every second

Every minuet

Every hour

Every day

Filled with joy and peace

Nothing wasted

No time left untouched


With my words

I can help you confront your darkest fear

Your brightest joy

Your life in all it’s entirety and wonder


With my words

Reality can not stand in the way

For I can rip out the very heart of reality

The very core of our being

To replace it with any reality I choose


The power of the written or spoken word

Is truly amazing

Use it wisely 


  • elsiewarrenswords

    Lovely message i completely appreciate and can relate to.
    Often ponder on the power of words:-) nice

    • Tony36

      Thank You

    • Goldfinch60

      So very true. Words are so powerful.

      • Tony36

        Thank You

      • Jooles

        Think this is long forgotten truth

        • Tony36

          Thank you, in some cases I believe it has become just so

        • BRIANSODES

          In the beginning TONY ~ "Was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD." We must never underestimate the power of words. This is one of the many unique attributes that makes Homo Sapiens unique from the rest of the Animal Kingdom including the Simians. Our ability to speak words to write and read words ~ WORDS are our most effective weapon. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he was just as inspired by GOD as David was when he wrote the Psalms ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Tony36

            Thank You

          • WriteBeLight

            Wow Tony! Amazing write.

          • Michael Edwards

            Words - the prime driver of mankind. Beautifully expressed.

            • Tony36

              Thank You

            • poetboy5454

              I wrote a poem like this, but this totally blows mine out of the water! Incredible!

              • Tony36

                Thank You

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