The Kentucky flower's the sweet  GOLDENROD

Their fossil (not Trump !) it's the  BRACHIOPOD


The proud TULIP POPLAR ~ their elegant tree

Their mineral COAL !  And insect BUMBLE BEE !


Their gemstone a PEARL ~ like a Kentucky Girl

Their instrument DULCIMER ~ it gives Bluegrass it's twirl 


Their bird is a CARDINAL ~ vibrant and red

Their rock it is AGATE ~ heavey as lead 


Their fruit is the BLACKBERRY ~ as black as ya hat

SPOTTED BASS is their fishy ~ and a big one at that !


Their HORSE is a THOROUGHBRED ~ shiney as silk

Drink surely BOURBON ? NO a nice glass of MILK !  


The State game is the SQUIRREL ~ 50 shades of gray

And butterfly ?  VICEROY ~ cute ~ pretty and gay !


Thanks for visiting ~ how does that compare with your

STATE ?  Comments welcome ~ Kentucky Love BRIAN


This poem is written as a SONNET in 7 rhyming couplets.

  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 22nd, 2017 01:46
  • Comment from author about the poem: For me KENTUCKY represents the "average" American State. It is landlocked between seven other States and has no coast. It is a young State ~ the average age is 40 ~ 25% are under 18 and only 13% over 65 ~ the birthrate is 14 per 1000 population. The temperature range is not too great 88F to 21F so they get four good Seasons. The love Fried Chicken ~ Bourbon ~ Smoking and Horse Racing ~ they are very hospitable ~ cool and love visitors to the Blue Grass Sate ~ every day is a Feast and a Festival ! Kentucky has the same population as Scotland (UK) ~ just over 4 million but it is 25% bigger (40,000 square miles !) the thing they have in common is the both produce the finest WHISKEY in the WORLD ! However I can't see the Macho Kentucky Lads in a skirt dancin' tae the Bagpipes and eatin' haggis !. If you have never visited Kentucky you have never tasted Heaven ! Comments welcome ~ please write a Poem about the State you're in ~ A Kentucky Hug ~ BRIAN XOX
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  • Michael Edwards

    It must be a sonnet day today. Good fun piece of work as well as being informative.


      Thanks MICHAEL pleased you liked it ! I like Sonnets because they restrict the poem to 14 lines. Mt definiin of a SONNET is "Any Poem on any subject ~ rhymed or unrhymed ~ mtered or unmetered ~ as ong as it has 14 distinct lines ! BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Then I must think about writing a sonnet - I probably have written one in the past without realising it. Thanks mainly to you I am discovering many new forms and have started a second collection which I call Designing With Words for formal structures such haiku etc. I already have two other collections: Painting With Words for my serious stuff and Sketching With Words for my whimsical bits. Trouble is some of my poems cross the boundaries. Just written a quinzane - something else new for me.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks GF ~ I do my best ~ BRIAN

        • Christina8

          A very well put together poem! You know how I love your rhymes. Cardinals are my fav! We have them here too! I also love fishing but I usually catch a largemouth bass. Very informative! Hugs-Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks CHRIS ~ Sorry i didn't choose to highlight your STATE ~ but i am doing a presentation on KENTUCKY as one of the "average " American States so i have not only visited (a few years ago) but also done some more research. Thanks for yours comment you are excellently placed for good fishing ! Kentucky HUGS ~ BRIAN

          • willyweed

            good poem Brain I have a place across the Ohio river in Indiana and love to visit the home of the Louisville slugger (factory) good one! ww

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              YES INDEED WILLY~ Cassius Clay (as his Dady called him) an Great Fighter and a Great Showman . His like will never ever be seen again !n ~ Yours BRIAN

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