Michael Edwards




‘Do you want to go for a wee’ asked she,

‘My bladders quite full so I don’t!’ said he,

‘I’m sorry’ she said ‘explain that to me’,

‘I want to get RID of my wee’ said he.



Michael Edwards © February 2017


  • Goldfinch60

    I have just been thank you.

    Your painting intrigues me, somehow the more I look at it the more disturbed I feel. The little flecks of white, presumably the ground on which it was painted, disturb me most of all.
    I must conclude that if this is how it makes me feel the painting is very good as if in art, words and music emotions are raised within one that work is good.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Goldfinch. I am afraid the painting, which was a bit of an experiment, doesn't translate that well on screen. It was a painting done for Christmas and the flecks which appear to shine are the result of adding fluorescent medium to the paint. In reality it looks a cheerful colourful piece with a bit of sparkle although I doubt if I shall use the technique again. .

    • Fay Slimm.

      An exciting piece of abstract art Michael which in this case demanded my full attention - - with brilliant speckles its peep into beyondness it brings the universe that bit nearer - - the more it is viewed the spirit of that heavenly blue lifts the whole mood - - and after the read of your funny wee verse answer is "yes - I now need to go too."

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Fay and it gets worse as you get older - especially for us chaps with prostrates which seem to want to get larger for no apparent reason. Pleased you liked my painting

      • Garry

        Very funny poem, love the play on words, which I missed on first read. I've reached the age when visiting the toilet happens so often i need to find it funny.
        Really like the painting as well.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL ~ love the mood and intellectual swings you dispaly in your odes ! I checked your PAINTING after I had read the poem ~ it looked like someone had WEED all over it ! Please check my poem today ~ it mentions the importance of adding a visual to one's poem for enhancement ! Yours BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Brian - yes I do love to vary my work and as for the painting are you taking the p**s 🙂 Yup - off to check your latest.

        • willyweed

          your a pisser Michael, and I love the painting! WW

          • Michael Edwards

            Oh dearest William W. I think you mean a urinatory perpetrator don't you know !

          • WriteBeLight

            The painting is amazing Michael. Unbelievable. Almost 3-d-like. The poem is funny. I guess wee can be a walk? 🙂

            • Michael Edwards

              A wee walk - I guess you take that in Scotland - pleased you like the painting - it's still in my studio and will be up for sale at a forthcoming open studio event.

            • MendedFences27

              A "wee" bit of humor. The need for the wee is too much tea .My wife and I have worked out a system, its English tea in the morning and at tea-time, and good ol' American coffee during the day. Loved the funny little poem and the painting, don't know what it is, but the coloration is great. - Phil A.

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks Phil - we tend to drink coffee (real coffee that's been percolated - not forced through a machine or mutilated with frothy milk or flavourings) and tea after lunch for the rest of the day. pleased you liked the poem and as for the painting being an abstract, it doesn't represent anything other than whatever the viewer wants to interpret it as. I could write treatise on abstract art but I'd better stop there. Will catch up with your latest posting in the morning - off to bed now - goodnight.

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