Michael Edwards





She looked forward with new hope.

What did her eyes see?

Was it love?


His face displayed contentment

Were his dreams answered?

Was it her?



  • Goldfinch60

    I like the way this is going and also each stanza can stand on its own accord. Good writing.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks and not sure myself where its going but an idea is forming - I shall try and write a new one each day.

    • Tony36

      Great write

    • WriteBeLight

      I hope they are looking at each other. Ha Ha. Great idea for posting a piece. It is kind of like an organized puzzle.

      • Michael Edwards

        It's sort of growing on me - thanks for taking a peek.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL ~ Mixed flowers to compliment "mixed feelings" ~ space this watch ~ OK ~ BRIAN

      • MendedFences27

        Hmmm... I'm quizzical about quinzanes. Where did you discover them? Very interesting format. Wish you all the best luck taking this to a conclusion without modification. Quite the challenge. -
        Phil A.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Phil - yes a bit of challenge especially the third line being restricted to just 3 syllables - I came across them in the following site :


        • willyweed

          getting better all the time!

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