Michael Edwards





She looked forward with new hope.

What did her eyes see?

Was it love?


His face displayed contentment.

Were his dreams answered?

Was it her?


He moved slowly towards her.

Would she reach for him?

Was she there?


The creaking stairs had many treads.

Would they reach the stars?

Were they lit?


The room held the key they sought.

Was the key within?

Did it fit?


They lay between soft white sheets.

Would dawn come too soon?

Would it wait?









  • Goldfinch60

    The 'key' obviously fitted. The whole work is very good and each stanza would work on there own.

    Mine's a pint of bitter please in that well painted pub.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Goldfinch - yes I did try to draft each stanza as a stand-alone as well as being part of the whole. The pubs just changed hands and we haven't yet tried it for a meal under the new management but will put that right soon.

    • Garry

      Perfect ending. Good job.

      • Michael Edwards

        Cheers Garry - finding a question that actually answered the preceding ones took a bit of hard thunk but I made it.

      • WriteBeLight

        Finally Michael. Very sweet!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks - I got there - AND they got there too. Yippee...!

        • willyweed

          Brilliant piece of work in its entirety! Bravo Poet!

          • Michael Edwards

            You are so kind willy - thanks so much

          • Tony36

            Awesome conclusion to an awesome write

            • Michael Edwards

              I do so appreciate your kind words Tony.

              • Tony36


              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks MICHAEL ~ Cool ending ! No Love story completes ~ until they couple between the sheets ! Strange but true ~ that we all end up there in the end ~ PARADISE ! Thanks BRIAN

                • Michael Edwards

                  Ay - and they made it - thanks Brian.

                • MendedFences27

                  So my favorite couple in the house with the creaking stairs, which they took longer to climb than I do my stairs, had found the right key after all, and now share some physical bliss, but only until morning, when it will take them another week to go back down, unless they slide on the banister. A great joy shared by us all, thank you Michael. - Phil A.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks Phil - they're sharing breakfast as we speak. So glad I got drawn into this - it was a bit of fun as well as ending up with a half decent piece of poetry in a form I'd not come across before.

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