Michael Edwards





(A slice of nonsense served as you like it) 


‘All the world's a stage’

So where are the dressing rooms?


‘And all the men and women merely players’

Is there no one front of house?


‘They have their exits and their entrances’

But where do they go to and come from if all the worlds a stage?



Dafts I calls it!! 





  • Goldfinch60

    Bill Waggadagga was drummed into me at school back in the distant path so I never liked him. I went to see Macbeth recently and it only reinforced my feelings of dislike. Did he write all those plays anyway?

    • Michael Edwards

      One of the troubles for me with his work is that the use of metaphor and a unique use of the language makes almost impenetrable in modern English terms. If I see a play of his I am trying to understand a meaning only to them miss out on the next 10 minutes of dialogue and thus completely losing the plot.

    • Goldfinch60

      I can see a cats face in that abstract. Again I would like to see the original, there is certainly something about it that talks to me.

      • Michael Edwards

        Just looked at it and yes I can see a cat in there. Given my dislike of cats (well not cats but cat owners) I wonder if that is a bad omen?

      • Garry

        Veey clever, very funny. Well done.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Garry. The final line (Dafts I calls it ) was a favourite saying of my grandfather - my lasting memory of him is sitting next to the range which had just been blackened wearing his cap and choker and smoking a clay pipe - don't think you can even get clay pipes now other than fragments which are dug up from time to time.

          • Garry

            And a very good saying it is too!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MICHAEL ~ SHAKESPEARE like KEATS is a complete MYTH invented by Teachers of English in the 20th C to torture their pupils ~ I did Julius Caesar (another Myth invented by Hstorians) for GCSE ! Friends Romans Countrymen ~ lend me your ears ................ ! What's all that about ? Thanks for scaring ~ BRIAN The Bard of Birkenhead ! Even you abstract ~ Patriotic Pandas in a melee ~ makes more sense !

          • Michael Edwards

            Cheers Brian - as for friends etc :

            The corn stands erect in tiers,
            like friends and Romans and countrymen;
            perhaps it’ll lend me its ears.

          • willyweed

            Dafts I call it. I see the cat too, looks like someone hit him with a shovel?

          • P.H.Rose

            Very good Michael...

          • MendedFences27

            Funny stuff. Must admit he changed the world, oops, sorry stage, with his writings. I think some people are actors. Well, time for my exit. Oh, there's no cat in that painting it's an overhead, fisheye len's view of a couple of ice dancers.

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