through the looking glass


I stare through the looking glass
Life is looking back at me
Things are getting clearer
Now I can finally see

I don’t know where it’s going
I know where I have been
Tell me about the good, deeds
I’ll tell you about my sins

I have been a loser
How does it feel to win
Can we go back to the beginning?
Before we make it to the end

I stare through the looking glass
Now I can finally see
Things are getting clearer
Life is looking back at me

  • Author: willyweed (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 2nd, 2017 09:39
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Views: 51
  • User favorite of this poem: P.H.Rose.
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    Thanks WILLY ~ what i see in my shaving mirror each day ~ is a face etched with life. Laughter lines and lines of sorrow ~ a furrowed brow but smiling lips and (if I'm awake) a twinkle in our eyes. The "face in the mirror" tells the story of my life.
    Now I see through a Glass darkly but one day I shall be changed ~ this mortal face shall put on the face of an Immortal Angel ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN Great Poem !

    • willyweed

      I am sure its a good and honest one, not to worry! Thanks Brain! ww

    • P.H.Rose

      Me to Robert
      WW this is brilliant
      So bloody well done
      Mate.....( friend)

      • willyweed

        Thank you Mate for the read and save...what a guy! peace ww

      • WriteBeLight

        Would be nice to un-ring the bell sometimes.

        • willyweed

          no turning back young lady. Thanks sweetness your buddy WW

        • kevin browne

          finely done my friend.

          • willyweed

            Thank you Kind sir! I really appreciate that from you! Good Sunday Kevin ww

            • kevin browne

              you are always welcome seeing you are quite a genius with a pen. I'm sat outside having a good old smoke on a good old Sunday.

            • Hopey_xx

              This is amazing, well done!

              • willyweed

                Oh Hopey_xx this is good maybe?... you are amazing! sweet girl! WW

              • Michael Edwards

                A damn good scribe - can't say more than that. keep em coming Sir Weed

                • willyweed

                  Why Thank you Sir Michael I guess we are all knights these days? or dazed nights?
                  anyway I appreciate ya, mighty mike! ww

                • Goldfinch60

                  Super write WW. We see our life in the mirror but what we don't see is the way we look to other people.

                  • willyweed

                    yes exactly my friend, great read on this one! Thank you Sir!

                  • willyweed

                    Thank You my dear Diamond! I am happy you enjoyed!

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