Michael Edwards





The peeling layers of memory

within the misted glass expose

a private universe recalled

with analytic faculty.


As routes forgotten manifest

the ghosts return in naked form

and poison lies in memories wounds

that fester still and rarely heal.


The mirror's slowly lifting gauze

reflecting clear as vision sights

the memories complex corridors

to planets long immersed in time.



Michael Edwards © April 2017





  • Goldfinch60

    Good though provoking write.

    Similarly the picture is drawing me into it. Into where? Watch this space.

  • willyweed

    the poem is deep and your painting is examining me? I love this work Michael , I'm sinking in. ww

    • Michael Edwards

      So deep I'm not sure if I understand it - cheers Willy. Don't sink too far.


      THANKS MICHAEL ~ for caring & sharing. Love the abstract ~ it has what i call inner glow like many of the images from the Hubble Telescope. As both GF and Willy have noted the painting does draw one into the centre and creates a desire to explore. This (for me) is true of all the Hubble images ~ OK. Now to the poem ! That too is enigmatic and poses many questions and mysteries ~ a true enigma ~ about everything and nothing simultaneously ~ exploring the memories complex corridors ~ awesome ! Thanks for scaring ! Yours BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Brian - your kind comments mean a lot

      • MendedFences27

        Memories, recalled within the mind, and some are toxic reminders. We carry them with us throughout life, but it seems they choose when to pop up. I think your abstract looks like one of those ghosts trapped in a poisonous environment, yet it is still a beautiful thing. - Phil A.

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