Michael Edwards






The ripened rays of autumn sun

across the quivering water’s edge

announce the day that’s just begun

the ripened rays of autumn sun

which shine on cobwebs newly spun

from tree to shrub to roadside hedge

the ripened rays of autumn sun

across the quivering water’s edge.




Michael Edwards © April 2017




  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write Michael.

  • Frank Prem

    Interesting rhyme patterns, is it a particular form?

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes - its called a triolet - never tried it before but I really enjoyed putting it together - will certainly do a few more.

    • Garry

      Very beautiful. Feels nice to read. Appropriate for April?

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Garry - I have to say I am not influenced by whats outside the door but rather what comes to me at the time - if its in my head - but then some say not a lot is...!

        • Garry

          Heads are dangerous places to wander around in. I get very scared by mine sometimes!

        • Fay Slimm.

          The triolet form fits so well with the picture of mellow autumn - another gem to view and to read - thank you Michael.

          • Michael Edwards

            Its a lovely form so elegant. Thanks Fay.

          • orchidee

            A fine write and picture M. I've been inspired to write some song-poems from certain pictures. I shall probably have some inspiration again sometime! I'm sure you're not wishing the year away with this for Autumn! lol.

            • Michael Edwards

              Think of as looking back rather than looking forward - thanks for your kind comment.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MICHAEL ~ love triolets. In classical poetry the THREE R's are always important Rhyme ~ Rhythm ~ Repetition as in Villanelles etc. I don't mind you jumping two Seasons it is "poetic licence" and all four Seasons are mus~ical. Love the shadows in the painting ! BRIAN

              • Michael Edwards

                yes this is one f my favourite forms whatever month of the year it is. Just completed a snow scene painting so there's no fixed time - after all some paint dinosaurs.

              • willyweed

                love this style Michael and the long shadows picture, sweet Rx3

                • Michael Edwards

                  Ah bless Willy - thanks for the comment.

                • Tony36

                  Great write. I write in different forms all the time. It is good to try new stuff

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks and yes I have noticed the forms you use - what was yesterdays?

                    • Tony36

                      Welcome, just a little tree verse

                    • MendedFences27

                      Beautiful words, "ripened rays," "cobwebs newly spun," etc. A fresh scent of autumn, and a cool "quivering water's edge," bring the painting's suggestion of fall to the reader's eye. Loved it. - Phil A.

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Thanks Phil - its nice when a poem falls into place as did this one.

                      • P.H.Rose

                        Yes do Michael
                        As they are very good

                      • WriteBeLight

                        The words you chose here are so great Michael. And, they paint the perfect picture, as well as your work here.

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