The no poem

Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

I meet a man in a bar and I told him no 

He said. . hey just wait and go with the flow 

He asked me to dance and again I said no 

He proclaimed. . Aw come on just give it a go 

A vodka was offered. . a double but no 

Come on said the man. . . you can drink it slow 

Let's sing to this song? its a favourite but no 

We could have put on an excellent show 

I like the dress you have on is it new? I say no

I really am trying to keep the conversation a flow 

Can I  give  you my number?  That's a definite no 

I'll take you for dinner then maybe a show 

I'll sit here all night till a smile I will win. . . . . this time a no but said with a grin 

I'll sit till your ready. . you tingle my skin. . . . . again it's a no but without so much din

Can I ask you your name?  It's a game I say no 

Then I guess I will guess. . . . . by the way my names Joe 

 First guess is Sharon. . . . I shake my head no 

Second is Sarah. ...that's my sister ewwww no 

The third guess is Veronica. ..I laugh and say no 

I really would like to be your beau 

A beau I don't need no. . . . .

But this guy is cute. . . . . should I  give him a go? 

Just one little date in this town of Glasgow 

Well talk, eat and drink to you I won't say no 

You've nothing to say?  Do you want me to go?

I touch his hand gently for the last time its s no






    Thanks JOOLES ~ I am very flattered to be your MUSE Monorhyming poems are not easy to write ~ but you did an excellent job and maintained the metre ! I will try reciting it at our next poetry reading ~ it looks very recitable to me ! Loved your use of BLACK & BLUE ~ hope yer didna clock him one wi' yer baggie ? Nay on'y a wee lass frae Glasgae would do that ! Love the coquetishness in your wee ode and I'm goin' ter send ye a HUG and then duck. Hugs ~ BRIAN

  • Jooles

    Lol thank you Brian

  • willyweed

    wow Jooles your playing hard to get?
    must be a Scottish thing eh? nice poem though! ww

    • Jooles

      Lol thank you Willy

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write.

      • Jooles

        Thank you...definetly challenge

      • Michael Edwards

        Great stuff Jooles

        • Jooles

          Thank you

        • WriteBeLight

          Ha Ha. Love this Jooles!

          • Jooles

            Lol thanks. How many times can you say no in a poem and how many words rhyme with no.....not many usable ones as I found out lol

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