Michael Edwards










He once had planted the binding vows

and now sought passage through sweeping boughs.



Michael Edwards © April 2017





  • Goldfinch60

    Good write.

    Would you like to come and sort my garden out? I intend to go to battle today with my pyrocantha!!

  • Garry

    Very good, but comes with a definite air of menace.
    You reaped what you sowed, big time.


    Thanks MICHAEL ~ lovely garden ~ lovely Month ! Love tHe poem with a "Tale in the Sting !" TYBURN FORM ~ You should explain the form ! Six line poem with a 222299 syllable pattern and rhyming pattern aaaa bb Lines 1 to 4 are VERBS and in lines 5 & 6 the 5th through 8th syllables use the words in lines 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 respectively. Yours is the Edwards variation ~ Poetic Licence Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN I will post a FOX variation next week ~ space this watch !

    • Michael Edwards

      I'm going to copyright it - thanks Brian.

    • WriteBeLight

      Wow! I have chills. What a beautiful picture and so kind of you to note me in your Author's comment. I am so jealous. I will try to do the same and take a picture of our garden, once we can get out there. Right now there is still some snow. Nice poem to accompany such a beautiful garden Michael. So, so green and lush!! Thanks!!!

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks WBL - it was my pleasure as is reading your poems which always help lift the spirit. Our weather is lovely and warm (shirt sleeve weather) and off to cut the grass for the fourth time this year so far

        • WriteBeLight

          Have a great day and thanks again! So kind of you. I get the same feeling from your paintings and work 🙂

        • MendedFences27

          Nice poem, nice photo, nice garden. Can I come for tea? Veyt interesting form. One I'll have to look up and play with. Thanks for all the above. - Phil A.

          • Michael Edwards

            Tea and scones with fresh strawberry jam and cream - you'd be welcome anytime.

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