Michael Edwards





Hidden by embowering trees

the breaking waves ferocity

disclosed by sounds alone,

the music of the sea.


Soon in view by keenest vision

atop a steep acclivity

where cool reviving breezes blew

we stood in reverie.


And here relapsed in silence

entrapped by natures plea

on pathways unbeknown to us

we listened to the sea.





  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, the symphony of the sea can be wonderful.

    Like the artwork.

  • orchidee

    A fine write and picture.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Steven - there's nothing like the silent sounds of the sea - now that sounds like a great line for another poem.

      • orchidee

        Ahh yes, thanks M. I suppose I don't have to use alliteration for EVERY one of my poem titles, but I often do! lol. 99% of the time the tile is the last thing I enter.

      • Garry

        Great write.vivid images. Particularly the last two lines.

        • Michael Edwards

          Cheers Garry - I quite like the last two myself says I smugly LoL 🙂

        • WriteBeLight

          Such a lovely poem Michael and beautiful painting. You have caught the power and serenity of the sea so very well.

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks so much - can you smell the salt?

          • Fay Slimm.

            I love the feel and flow of this oceanic rhyme Michael - Also the watery-blue look of the beautiful painting of course.

          • Tony36

            Great write

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MICHAEL for an excellent poem ameliorated by an alluring painting ! Most of my life I have lived near the Sea ~ and still do (10 miles !). Coton in the Elms Derbyshire (70 MILES) is the furthest point from the Coast in the UK ~ which is why we are all THALASSOPHILES ! In the USA ~ (DAKOTA) ~ One can be over 1500 miles from the Ocean ! Yours BRIAN

            • Michael Edwards

              Cheers Brian and thanks for reminding me of the word thelassophiles its years since I heard that one - as for Coton in The Elms - well not many elms there now I would guess but they are reappearing in the hedgerows.

            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              Beautiful Micheal... It may be imaginary? but I think I can hear it and I believe I have been there... Job done ... Nice write

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks for your kind words and chuffed that you have saved this little ditty.

              • willyweed

                a spot on nature piece in perfect harmony . beautiful Michael!

              • MendedFences27

                Some call it the roar of the sea, here it's the music, and I've heard it referred to as a whisper on a calm day. The ocean draws all men to it's shores, lures them with music, and its majesty. What a terrific poem on this subject. It lured you in and played you a song. Great art as well. - Phil A.

                • Michael Edwards

                  You are so kind - thanks loads Phil.

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