Michael Edwards






With wandering eyes that travelled wide

she walked along with timorous gait

past early springtime’s stretching growth

that glistened damp from early dew,

past gurgling rills and tailored thorn,

down paths of gravel, grit and stone.


And bounded by a wire that looped

from picket post to picket post,

a snug and sheltered spot enclosed,

in solitude with no distraction

and haunting sense of isolation,

she sat upon the swaying sward.


And to the gentle breeze that blew,

she sang soft words in harmony,

forgotten soon and not recalled,

as voices often heard in sleep

and echoes deep in cavities

that lie along a distant shore.


Michael Edwards © April 2017



  • Goldfinch60

    Super write with great imagery.

    Another abstract into which I am drawn. Our daughters an artist and in our talks about art she and I talk about the meaning of abstract art and I find I really examine it and nearly always get drawn into it.

    • Michael Edwards

      Oh if only more people could approach abstract art with an open mind. So often I hear it said: I don't understand it therefore I don't like it. And yet the same people buy carpets, dresses, bed linen etc with patterns on them - are they really saying that if you put a frame round them they don't like them anymore? The truth is there is rarely ever anything to understand - it is up to the viewer to interpret it if he or she so wishes - enjoy it for what it is - enjoy the colours, the textures, the composition...! Sorry I am off on one of my hobby horses. .

      • Goldfinch60

        I totally agree with you, many just do not look behind the the painting for the meaning.
        Mind you saying that I enjoy many forms of art but I just cannot be persuaded to like Picasso, I have tried but just cannot come to terms with what he paints - in spite of what my daughter might say about him.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks again MICHAEL for another very attractive P & P ! I love abstract poetry and especially if the TITLE is just "68" or another number (much better than UNTITLED !). To relate to the poem I see the abstract as the Young Lady meditating at the fluid Crossroads of Life and trusting her next direction will choose itself ! I love her sense of abandonment to life suggested in the poem ~ meditating before moving on ~ beautiful ! Thanks for my morning enigma from you pen & pallet ~ Yours BRIAN

      • willyweed

        I agree about the abstract art this one says to me don't go chasing waterfalls? and the poem take me home country road., but then again I'm a nut case? ww

      • WriteBeLight

        Love the swaying swad line 🙂 Lovely poetry!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks WBL - just hope it was long enough to sway.

        • MendedFences27

          A beautiful scene, to me, a summer's day of bright light and warmth, a small brook, and a secluded concert for just one, the singer. Very descriptive write lot's of great phrasing, "springtime's stretching growth, a snug and sheltered spot, echoes deep in cavities," Just a wonderful poem. - Phil A.

          • Michael Edwards

            Thank you Phil - I do appreciate you taking the time to comment at length and your kind encouragement.

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